Meghalaya: IIM-Shillong among others to get a boost through IIM Act 2017!

Meghalaya: IIM-Shillong among others to get a boost through IIM Act 2017!

TNT News | Shillong, February 13, 2018

The IIM Act 2017 having come into effect from January 31, 2018 will give widespread autonomy to all the 20 IIMs of the country therein steering essential and pragmatic overall efficiency, informed the Chairman, Board of Governors, IIM Shillong, Shishir Bajoria while addressing the media fraternity on Monday.

“The 2017 Act is path-breaking in that it provides independent legal entity to the IIMs of the country in line with the incumbent government’s stand of less government, and more governance.”

Further, the Act declares existing Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) as institutions of national importance and confers on them the power to grant degrees including PhDs.  Earlier, IIMs granted Post Graduate Diplomas.

In the new Act, the Board of Governors will be the executive body of each IIM, comprising up to 19 members.  There will be three women members from different walks of life and one of them must be a member of the Scheduled Tribe/Scheduled Caste. The Board will nominate 17 board members including eminent persons, faculty members and alumni.  The remaining two members will be nominees from the central and state governments, respectively.  The Act further empowers the Board to appoint its own Chairperson.

The Board of Governors will appoint the Director of each IIM.  A search committee will recommend names for the post of the Director.  The Director is eligible for variable pay, to be determined by the Board.

The Academic Council of each IIM will determine the: (i) academic content; (ii) criteria and process for admission to courses; and (iii) guidelines for conduct of examinations.

Much enhanced impact of the IIMs may be felt with the Act providing an enabling environment for global extension of existing campuses.

The IIM Bill which was in active consideration and elicited a lot of debate and discussion is focussed at removing difficulties. One such aspect being the ability of students to now receive MBA degree, which stands to be accepted better globally by all the top universities across the world. This also means better placement opportunities in global companies.

An encouraging aspect of the new Act is the much needed morale booster given the promising ability to attract quality faculty given the much needed autonomy.

Speaking of the fee structure, Prof Amitabha De, Director IIM Shillong said, “Every IIM is to decide their own fee structure to make themselves viable, yet enabling students of the weaker section an ambit of hope through need-based assistance scheme from money we set aside from our income. However, furnishing of correct details that he or she (student) is from a deprived background is necessary. The fixing of fees is a complex game as the market has to be kept in mind.”

Speaking about IIM Shillong, Bajoria said the Institute will be shifting to the new campus in phases but within a given time frame.

It is worth mentioning that IIM Shillong has been achieving 100% placement since inception showing that locational disadvantage, if any, can be overcome through proper use of technology, operational expertise, and overall excellence of student performance.



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