Meghalaya: HC directs Govt to examine report on tree felling

Meghalaya: HC directs Govt to examine report on tree felling

Shillong, September 14, 2017: The Meghalaya High Court today directed the officials of the Forest Department of the state government to further examine the report of the Advisory Committee which have opined for cutting down of certain trees in and around Shillong.

“In partial modification of the earlier orders passed in this matter, the trees for which the Advisory Committee in its report dated11.09.2017 has opined for felling or cutting may be taken up for further examination by the officials of the forest department of the government of Meghalaya and thereafter, if a final opinion is reached that those trees are required to be felled, appropriate action in that regard may be taken.”

However, the High Court said that the above order shall not operate towards the  trees marked as “4/5,  4/6,  5/3,  7/16,  7/17, 7/18, 9/5,  9/8  and  10/3”  at  present.

“In regard to these trees, we permit the petitioner to file further affidavit/objections, if any; and appropriate orders in regard to these trees shall be passed on the next date,” the High Court added in its order.

The Meghalaya High Court also made it clear that apart from the aforesaid reports of the Commissioner and the Advisory Committee, it shall be required of the concerned officials of the Government of Meghalaya in its Forest Department to make a complete survey and make specific report to this Court if any other action is required in relation to any other tree in the city of Shillong.

The High Court also said that the logs and all related parts of the trees after felling shall remain in the custody of the Receiver of this Court.

“Therefore, any process of felling or cutting of tree shall be carried out after due information to the Receiver, who shall prepare the requisite inventory,” the High Court said.

During the hearing today, the petitioner appearing in person has alleged certain discrepancies in the  reports  of  the Advisory  Committee  and  that  of  the  Commissioner.

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