Meghalaya: Former MLA, MDC quit NPP to join BJP in Garo Hills

Meghalaya: Former MLA, MDC quit NPP to join BJP in Garo Hills

TURA, Dec 7, 2017: Just 2 months left for the state to go to poll, the number of party members and tickets aspirants leaving and joining other political parties has seen a surge in the past few weeks.

In Garo Hills, one of the key contenders for the Baghmara constituency and former MLA, Satto R Marak along with former MDC, Millan R Sangma today formally joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in a ceremony attended by about a 1000 block functionaries in the Baghmara playground today.

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Satto joined the BJP after resigning from the National People’s Party over allocation of party ticket to contest the upcoming MLA elections.

The duo formally joined the BJP in the presence of the district incharge of SGH, EK Sangma, state vice president, RG Momin and SR Marak of East Garo Hills and other district and state leaders of the party.

“We are happy to have them come into the fold of the BJP and hope their presence will help the party’s prospects in the upcoming elections,” said SR Marak during the ceremony.




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