Meghalaya: Daughters of Everest – Malik sisters to become the ‘face’ of caving expedition in the state

Meghalaya: Daughters of Everest – Malik sisters to become the ‘face’ of caving expedition in the state

SHILLONG, April 12: After successfully conquering the seven tallest peaks in seven continents, Dehradun twin sisters Tashi and Nungshi Malik now have their eyes fixed on adventure-filled tiny hill state of Meghalaya.

The twins are all set to give adventure sports a push by turning into the face of caving expedition in Meghalaya with an agreement signed between them and the founder-secretary of the Meghalaya Adventurers Association to bring in clients from UK, New Zealand and America for caving expedition in Meghalaya in the next five to six months.

Tashi & Nungshi Malik – the Daughters of Everest are currently in the city to showcase the Excellence of Indian Women as Mountaineers, as well as their mission to empower women & girls with their ‘Save the Girl Child’ Campaign.


At the age when a girl hardly cares about society and other women, these two sisters took up the cause of empowering women and protection of girl child.

In a visit to the state, the twin sisters informed that people don’t take caving as a sport in the country and there is so much to it. They further informed that they are looking to become the face of caving experience in Meghalaya for which they have tied up with the founder-secretary of the Meghalaya Adventurers Association Brian Dermot Kharpran Daly.


Speaking to newsmen, the twins informed that they will bring in clients from British exploring society, New Zealand and their contacts and Bryan will take them for the caving expedition in Meghalaya. They however, informed that a lot needs to chart out to organise the whole thing and so it will take seven to eight months for it to materialise.

It may be recalled that the Malik sisters had begun their joint expedition in 2012. The twins from Dehradun have successfully reached the top of Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt Everest (Asia), Mt Elbrus (Europe), Mt Aconcagua (South America), Mt Carstensz Pyramid (Oceania), Mt McKinley (North America) and finally Mt Vinson Massif (Antarctica). They also hold the record for being the world’s first twin sisters to summit mountain Everest on May 19, 2013.

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“Adventure sport in the country is still in its nascent stage and much more needs to done through active involvement of corporate houses, government who are always on the back foot when it comes to supporting or sponsoring adventures sports and the people,” Tashi Malik said.

Malik however, expressed disappointment over the current system prevalent in India and the importance given to a single sport in the country while sarcastically commenting that getting an appointment with the sports minister takes days in the country whereas in USA and other countries the president themselves greeted the girls and encouraged them. “This shows the state of adventure sport in the country,” she said.


Furthermore, she asserted that corporate houses should also shift their focus from just promoting cricket and take interest in promoting adventure sport as well while citing instances when her father had to run from pillar to post looking for sponsorship for the duo.

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