Meghalaya Cabinet nod to Residents Safety and Security Rules

Meghalaya Cabinet nod to Residents Safety and Security Rules

SHILLONG, August, 11, 2017: After making some minor changes, the state Cabinet on Friday approved the rules for the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security, Act, 2016.

Talking to newsmen after the Cabinet, Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma said that the rules will be notified by August 14. “I am extremely happy that we have able to fulfill the commitment which we had made. This clearly reflects the commitment of this Government to ensure safe and secured environment in the State,” Chief Minister stated.

According to Dr Mukul, this act is a culmination of a very long drawn exercise with the civil society organisation representing various stakeholders.

“We are confident that as we implement this mandate of act the state we would be able to definitely address the concern of the challenges related to illegal immigration and influx,” he said adding that the issue of ensuring safe and secured environment to the citizens will result in better momentum of growth and development.

The Chief Minister however said that in the initial stages, there will be challenges at the time of implementing the act. “The Government is going to examine the challenges which may be confronted in the course of implementation of the Act. We will look at those challenges and further see how effective implementation of the mandate of the act can be achieved,” he said.

Dr Mukul also said that in the days to come, there will be a need to further fine tune this Act to ensure it is implemented effectively implemented.

On allegation that the Act does not speak of influx and illegal immigration, the Chief Minster said, the objective is more important than what we say and when we are talking about attending to our legislative responsibilities we also have to look at how we actually the spaces available for us is as far as legislative exercise is concern the legislative jurisdiction is concern.

The Chief Minister also said with confidence that once the mandate of the act is enforced this state will be able to address the concern if illegal immigration and influx in much effective way that any other country who has different models of law to deal with the issue.

He also said that most developed countries who have come with most stringent laws and regulation to deter illegal immigration are grappling to find an answer how to deal the challenge to illegal immigration.

“They are still looking beyond the stringent rules already in place in regulating the entry of people,” the chief minister said.

He also said that the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security, Act, 2016, the act itself states that the role of traditional institution. More or less looking at the best practices in place in different localities and based on those evaluation and analysis when we found that they were effective we have dog tailed them accordingly. It will be like strengthening the practices and fine tuning them.

On HYC threatening to implement ILP on their own, the Chief Minister said, “we have spent years together discussing on the issue of ILP and this whole exercise is a culmination of a long drawn exercise. Therefore I am telling you with confidence and optimism as we implement their mandate of this act we will be able to tell the world that we have a better system,”.

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