Meghalaya: BJP releases chargesheet report against Congress Govt. ahead of polls

Meghalaya: BJP releases chargesheet report against Congress Govt. ahead of polls

By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, Feb 08, 2018: 

Just weeks before the state goes to poll, the Bharitya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday released the Chargesheet report of the party against the Congress in Meghalaya highlighting the latter’s failures in all sectors including its inability to deliver what was promised in their 2013 Manifesto.

The Chargesheet copy was released by Union Tourism Minister KJ Alphons in the BJP state office here in Shillong on Thursday.

According to the chargesheet, the BJP has laid emphasis on the failure of the Congress led government in Meghalaya to develop the state in the past decade. From education, health, infrastructure to multiple scams during the Congress regime, the BJP has laid it all.

“The state is in a mess and the Congress government in Meghalaya is responsible for destroying the future of the state and while their leaders continue to roll in wealth, the people on the other hand, are being suppressed and deprived of the basic necessities likes good roads, power supply, proper drinking water and the likes,” Alphons said.

The union minister also pointed out that whatever the Congress had promised in the last election, it has not been able to fulfill any of those promises while adding that Meghalaya needs to wake up and face reality. “The destiny of Meghalaya lies with its people and the state needs a government which can deliver and not merely make promises in the air,” he added.

Stating that what the country has not achieved in 70 years of Congress rule, Alphons said that the BJP has been able to turn the tables in three years. “From power connection to sanitation to all, the BJP has been able to achieve its target because unlike the congress, we don’t steal from the people. That is our motto and we will continue to do so to ensure the formation of a new India,” he said.

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The BJP leader also came down heavily on Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma for his sarcastic statement on development whereby he stated that if the Congress has brought so much development while it was sleeping, as alleged by the rival parties, imagine what he could have achieved if he was awake.

“Yes he (Mukul) is sleeping. What has he done other than shielding his corrupt ministers. He takes credit for what the BJP government has done so far. He talks about good roads being built by him, tell me where are the motorable roads other than the national highways, which are being constructed and funded directly by the Centre,” he said.

Stating that Mukul’s showmanship is over, Alphons said “This is the beginning of performance and deliverance.”

Interestingly, the chargesheet released by the BJP made no mention of the medicine scam and M-Tab distribution scam which took place when AL Hek was the then minister of the respective departments in the Congress-led government.

However, BJP candidate from Pynthorumkhrah, Hek, who was also present in the press conference, brushed aside allegations stating that these scams did not take place during his tenure as the Health and IT minister in the Mukul Sangma-led government.

The chargesheet made a mention of the education scam in Meghalaya while tagging Congress leader Ampareen Lyngdoh as the main accused. However, it made no mention of the other MLAs who featured in the list for recommending candidates for the teachers’ post.

Reacting to this, Hek, whose name also featured in the list of MLAs who recommended names of candidates, said “As a public representative, all I did was help those people. It is my job to help people. Yes, I recommended some names, but the authority lies with the concerned minister whether to take or reject our recommendations.”

Meanwhile, the chargesheet pointed out that militancy and law and order situation in Meghalaya is deteriorating. However, police reports say otherwise. Militancy has been curbed down to a great extend in Meghalaya.

Referring to the chargesheet as a progress report of the performance of the congress government in the last decade, Alphons said people need to analyse and think loud and clear. “They should stop the Congress from cheating and stealing from them again,” he said while urging the people to give BJP a chance to bring about rapid development and clean and transparent government.




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