Meghalaya: BJP fires salvo at Congress over ‘Judas in operation’, ‘selling souls to devil’ jibes

Meghalaya: BJP fires salvo at Congress over ‘Judas in operation’, ‘selling souls to devil’ jibes

By Our Reporter, TNT News | Shillong, Feb 13, 2018:

Its election time and it got to happen. The war of words continues between the Congress and the BJP in poll-bound state of Meghalaya…

A day after the Congress took a jibe at the political parties which it claims to have links with the BJP and terming their connivance as ‘Judas in Operation’, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday asked the Congress to be well-versed with the Bible first before using terms like ‘Judas’ or ‘selling souls to the devil’.

“The congress has a confused spokesperson who should pay a visit to the senior pastors or reverends to get a clear understanding of the context of the terms he used. He should read the Bible properly before trying to fool the people by using such desperate languages,” BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli told media persons here on Tuesday.

The AICC national spokesperson Tom Vaddakan on Monday called the political parties that are working with the BJP as ‘Judas in Operation’ while stating that the Congress will do anything in its power to prevent the BJP from coming to power in Meghalaya.

Reacting strongly to the statements issued by the Congress leader, Kohli said “This is a sign of desperation and we can’t help but listen to the desperate language of the congress with amusement to fool the voters of Meghalaya.”

Kohli also fired salvo at the congress over the usage of languages such as parties supporting the BJP have sold their souls and now their bodies are on sale and that Meghalaya election is a testing ground for what will happen in future if the state surrenders.

Raising a direct question to the chief minister, congress party and national party leaders, the BJP leader said “The BJP is in power in 19 states either on its own or in coalition. So does that mean that electorates are surrendering and surrendering for what?”

Slamming the congress for continuously terming the BJP ‘anti-Christians’ or ‘divisive’ force, Kohli said that in all the 19 states in the country, there are many Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and Parsis who voted for the BJP “So does it mean that the electorates have they sold their souls to the devil. Is this how you treat the electorates?” Kohli questioned.

While accusing the Congress of running away from answering the Chargesheet released by the BJP recently, Kohli said that the congress is creating a negative campaign by communalizing the elections and running away from shameful track record and it is unable to answer the scams against it and unable to say why they have not kept promises made over 15 years in Meghalaya.

Reacting to the allegations leveled by the Congress on political parties having links with the BJP, the BJP national spokesperson said “We are contesting against all the parties including UDP and NPP in the state and as far as allegations of the BJP contesting only 47 seats leaving the rest for its so-called partners, I have to say that the decision was taken only after thorough assessment based on the winnability of the candidates. Hence, the alleged nexus between the BJP-NPP-UDP does not arise.”

Furthermore, Kohli referred to the various untoward incidents in the state post-polls announcement wherein it was reported that the brother of UDP candidate from Raliang constituency was involved in a scuffle with the BJP supporters in Raliang where an FIR was also filed, Kohli questioned “So looking at such incidents, how can we say that there is cooperation or understanding between the BJP and the NPP or the UDP?”

Meanwhile, BJP state president Shibun Lyngdoh on Tuesday expressed concerns over what he claims the deteriorating law and order situation in the state, post-poll announcement while referring to several untoward incidents in the state.

“The stone pelting incident at Sutnga, the scuffle between UDP-BJP supporters at Raliang, the recovery of a grenade in West Shillong are just few of the incidents reported in the state,” Lyngdoh said while seeking the intervention of the Election Commission.



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