Meghalaya: ANVC (B) hits out once again at govt, threatens to burn settlement

Meghalaya: ANVC (B) hits out once again at govt, threatens to burn settlement

TURA, April 20: Terming the agreement with the state government as a total failure, chairman of the now disbanded Achik National Volunteers’ Council – Breakaway (ANVC –B), Bernard (Rimpu) Marak today threatened to burn copies of the Agreed Text of Settlement (ATS) in protest at the government’s apathy.

“The ATS is a total failure. Till today its implementation has not been monitored properly by the government and is at a standstill ever since it was signed. There has been with very little development due to the government’s lack of interest in its implementation. They failed in implementing it in true spirit and there was no political will either,” said Bernard in a release today.

Bernard alleged that they were made to suffer while they (government) enjoyed the benefits of the ATS by erecting foundation stones for all projects that was the outcome of the Agreement.

“The Medical College, the Child and Maternity Hospital, the bridge over Brahmaputra etc are few projects included in the Agreement. The development that is flowing to the state and to the GHADC is an outcome of the ATS but we are not made part of any event,” he alleged.

With regard to the rehabilitation of its cadres, Bernard felt it had become a joke now.


“Fearing queries they did not even hold meetings with us to review the progress of the ATS. The implementation is a failure to us and our people. Burning away the Agreement is what we have in our mind now,” said Bernard, who now is an integral part of the state BJP team.

“We were failed. The State did not form the State level committee including us to avoid the signatories of the Agreement in implementation of the Agreed Text. The State intentionally attempted to form a State level committee without our members which we rejected in our meeting in Delhi last year. After that there was no meeting,” he further said while adding that the government had taken all credit and benefit.

The release further said that in spite of being reminded many times the Centre failed to have a review meeting giving way to the state to manipulate the Agreement.

“The state continued to give negative reports and never tried to sort out the issues. The list of 139 (ANVC-B) cadres which the State claimed eligible for availing the package is unknown to us as official communication of the selected cadres were never sent to us. How can we accept blindly when the State refuses to be transparent? We fear some of our senior members may not be included and there is a possibility of division in the rank and order of our organization. Moreover, we have jointly resolved to wait till our proposed list is accepted (210 Cadres),” added the release.

“The delay in providing us our packages is an attempt to demoralize us and create division among our cadres. We waited for so long and will continue to do so till 24th September 2017. After that, if there is no development, the Agreement will be burnt publicly as it failed our expectations and disappointed the anticipation of our people” added the former chairman.

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