Meghalaya: Another minor kidnapped in West Garo Hills

Meghalaya: Another minor kidnapped in West Garo Hills

TURA: Crime against women seems to be the order of the day with minors being soft targets after a 14-year-old from the village of Dalu Zikapara was forcefully taken by three men before being dumped near the Bokmagre petrol pump on the outskirts of Tura under West Garo Hills.

According to sources, the mentally challenged girl was near her house in her village when she was forcefully pushed into an auto. Her efforts to alert her grandmother failed as the lady herself was deaf.

The incident occurred on Jan 6 at about 6 pm.

Speaking to Jaynie N Sangma, “She claimed to have fallen unconscious immediately after the kidnapping possibly after drinking spiked water given by the men. She later woke up having no recollection of what had happened near the petrol pump after which she tried contacting a few people. We came to know of her plight after someone alerted us and rushed to pick her up from the spot.”


The three alleged kidnappers of the minor absconded after dumping her near the petrol pump.The minor girl appeared incoherent all through the day stating that she did not know the men who picked her up from the house but stated that she could identify them if brought in front.

The minor was later handed over to the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) who sought to understand as to what exactly happened.

“Her father works in Tura in the MeECL department though she was not aware of what department (she initially said her father was a policeman leading to a frenetic search for him) and later came to police station to take his daughter back in his care,” added Jaynie.

The DCPU team had later in the evening took the minor to the police station for a medical check up to be done. However no case could be filed as the girl insisted that she had not been sexually assaulted and insisted rather to go home with her father who came to the Tura PS.

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