Meghalaya: Alleged NEHU brawl case resolved peacefully by authorities and students

SHILLONG/TURA, March 17: As per a recent report of alleged assault reported by TNT- The Northeast Today within the premises of NEHU Tura campus, it has come to the information of the media house that the issue has been peacefully and effectively resolved by the authorities of the university.

Speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today, the Proctor of the university said that the matter was fully under control and the issue has been peacefully resolved between the alleged students as well as the MBA student.

It may be noted that on March 16, a report was received by TNT- The Northeast Today that an internal student brawl went out of control and caused injuries to some students. However, seeking confirmation on the same, the President as well as the General Secretary of the Post Graduate Students’ Union denied the occurrence of such an incident.

Also, the MBA student who was allegedly assaulted also spoke to TNT- The Northeast Today wherein he confirmed that the matter was resolved on the part of both parties as well as on the part of the NEHU authorities.

(TNT News)

Featured image(courtesy): Deccan Chronicle