Meghalaya: 3 major regional parties withdraw support from EC led by PN Syiem

Meghalaya: 3 major regional parties withdraw support from EC led by PN Syiem

Shillong, June, 19, 2017: In what may be termed as a major political development in the domain of regional politics, it has come to light that three regional parties in the Khasi Autonomous District Councils (KHADC)- United Democratic Party (UDP), Hills State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) and the Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM)- on Monday have decided to withdraw their support from the Executive Committee led by the KHADC CEM PN Syiem. Confirming this, HSPDP MDC from Mylliem, Teilinia Thangkhiew said that it is true that the three regional parties have unanimously resolved to withdraw their support from the EC led by PN Syiem.

When asked about the reason for withdrawing of support, she said that the main reason which compelled the three parties to withdraw their support is because they are unhappy with the “style of functioning” of the KHADC CEM.

“The KHADC CEM has now shifted his priorities on matters which are not at all connected with the Council. As the CEM, we expect that he gives more time towards the daily affairs of the Council,” Thangkhiew said.

The HSPDP MDC said that the functioning of the Council will further hamper if PN Syiem continues to lead the KHADC.

She also informed that besides the MDCs from the three parties, the independent MLA from Sohryngkham, Pyniaid Singh Syiem have also come forward to support this move of withdrawing of support from the EC.

When contacted, UDP Parliamentary Party leader in the KHADC, Teinwell Dkhar said that the three regional parties iare in favour to form a new non-Congress Executive Committee in the Council.

When asked if they would be ready to join hands with the Congress as their last option for toppling the EC led by PN Syiem, he said that if the situation demands they might consider joining hands with the Congress in order to form a new EC in the Council.

Meanwhile, KHADC CEM, Pynshngain N Syiem has asserted that he will not step down even if the three regional parties have withdrawn their support.

He said that he would rather face the no-confidence motion in the floor of the House instead of stepping down from the CEM post.

“I would like to see whether it will be the Congress or the regional parties who will move the no-confidence motion against me,” KHADC CEM said.

It may be mentioned that the four day Summer Session of the Council is scheduled to begin from Tuesday.

Earlier, the Congress MDCs had indicated about their plan to move a no-confidence motion against the EC led by PN Syiem. Further, the KHADC CEM expressed confidence that his EC would surive despite the withdrawal of support of the three regional parties.

‘Many of the MDCs of the three regional parties have assured their support if there is no-confidence motion move against me,” he said.

Despite the decision of the party to withdraw, UDP MDC from Umroi, Albinus Lyngdoh and KHNAM MDC from Mawkhar-Pynthorumkhrah, James Ban Basaiawmoit when contacted has stated that they are not going to withdraw their support from the EC led by PN Syiem.

Even Nongkrem MDC, HS Shylla has come forward to support the EC of PN Syiem.

With the support of Shylla and the two MDCs from Umroi and Mawkhar-Pynthorumkhrah, PN Syiem now has the support of 14 MDCs in the House of 29 which includes the support of 8 independent MDCs, one BJP and one NCP.

With the PN Syiem led EC having the support of the 14 MDCs, the three regional parties would now need the support of the 6 Congress MDCs  in order to topple the EC in the KHADC.




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