Meghalaya: 2 GNLA cadres arrested in attempt to convert huge amounts of black money!

Meghalaya: 2 GNLA cadres arrested in attempt to convert huge amounts of black money!

TURA: Two persons were arrested yesterday while they were attempting to carry cash for conversion from black to white in East Garo Hills district. The arrests comes even as demonetization has dealt a critical blow to militant outfits in the Garo Hills with the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) expected to be worst hit.

The two arrested by the police yesterday are suspected to over-ground workers of the GNLA and were apparently on their way to convert, through various means the money that they had with them. An amount of over Rs 35 lakh was recovered from the two arrested.

Police however were tight-lipped on the matter as things are still in the preliminary stages of investigation.

“As the matter is under investigation we are not in a position to reveal anything more for now. We have arrested three civilian cadres and recovered cash belonging to the outfit from their possession,” said SP of EGH, Davies NR Marak.

Two amongst three arrested have been tentatively identified as Lingstone Ch Marak, from whom an amount of Rs 34,65860 was recovered. Lingstone is a resident of Chachatgre. Sources also said that while returning from his house, police made another arrest of one Simple Ch Momin and recovered little over 1 lakh rupees from him.

Sources further stated that the police team had acted on inputs from sources and had caught two of them while descending from a hilltop with the stash at noon.

The arrests and recoveries yesterday comes in the wake of a raid in the house of the GNLA commander, Sohan D Shira leading to the recovery of 27 bank pass books pointing to the outfit’s attempts to convert the cash in hand to something that can be useful.

The various clamps on the movement of money allegedly in possession of the GNLA has already put a huge strain on finances of the outfit which Sohan has amassed over the past decade and half.

On expected lines, demonetization has cut all outfits to size due to the money in their possession turning completely useless after high denomination notes stopped becoming legal tender.

“They (GNLA) are definitely trying to use cash mules to turn their money into usable notes after demonetization. The poor villagers however don’t understand that their putting this money into their account could have serious consequences. They could even lose their BPL status leading to huge complications,” said a police source.

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