Meet the adorable cat with two faces

Meet the adorable cat with two faces

OFFBEAT | February 25, 2018:

Meet the cat with two faces, the adorable cat was born with a flawless split of grey and black fur divided almost perfectly down the middle of her face.









The cat has a rare marking on the British short hair which is pictured at her home located in France and are thought to be the result of two embryos fusing together.









She has both light grey and black fur on her face, separated evenly in a remarkably straight line.









While the exact cause of this pet’s striking appearance is not known, other felines with this mysterious look are known as chimera cats, which are the result of the merging of two fertilized eggs, or two early embryos in the mother’s womb.









Each of the separate two-parent cells has already started developing before the merge, meaning that their established physical features may already come through.









Although it is a rare occurrence, chimeras can occur across many species – including humans – but most don’t realize they even have the condition. The signs can be subtle, such as patches of different colored hair.









The name chimera comes from the monster of Greek mythology made of lions, goats and snakes.


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