Meet ‘Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017’ contestant Parmila Chhetri

Meet ‘Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017’ contestant Parmila Chhetri

June 17, 2017: As the day for the grand finale of ‘Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017’ nears and the preparations underway in full swing, we bring to you exclusive interviews of the 17 contestants on a daily basis who will give you and insight of why they are worthy of the win. So, here’s contestant number 1:

An achiever who believes that compassion is the key to people’s heart, Parmila Chhetri, is a perfect proof of what beauty with brains and heart looks like. A state topper in CBSE (12th standard), the 21 year old has no room for failure in her life. A proud first born to parents, Tara Chhetri and Chandra Bahadur Chhetri from Sangkhola, East Sikkim, Parmila completed her schooling from Sang Senior Secondary School and is currently pursuing her B.A. in Tourism from Sikkim Government College, Tadong. With a passion for modeling since a school student, she now eyes to win the much coveted “Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017” title. Know more about this Sikkimese beauty in the excerpt below from her interview.

Q: How would you describe your personality?

A: I am a very outgoing and social, individual who is compassionate, believes in generosity and love to help others.

Q: What according to you are the qualities needed to become a beauty queen?

A: I believe there are many X-factors such as sincerity, discipline, commitment, humanity, attitude, intelligence, confidence, dedication and awareness on various social issues.

Q: Did you always want to participate in a beauty pageant or particularly Miss Sikkim?

A: I always wanted to participate in Miss Sikkim beauty pageant particularly because I feel it is the right platform to showcase my personality and talent. Apart from this, the pageant will serve as an opportunity for me to develop and boost my potential. I already feel great to be a part of this mega event.

Q: How will winning the Miss Sikkim 2017 title change your life?

A: It will surely change my life for good. Winning this prestigious title will open doors of opportunity for me where I can represent my state. Above all, I can make my parents proud.

Q: What is woman empowerment according to you?

A: When a woman effortlessly plays multiple roles every single day, independently makes decisions and choices, is confident about herself, is well aware about her rights and believes and lives her dreams; these according to me is woman empowerment. An empowered woman knows that she is the backbone of the society.

Q: Your future plans?

A: I have no future plans as I believe in living the moment. And at the moment I am focused in winning Miss Sikkim 2017. So, indirectly you can assume that my future plan at the moment is to win Miss Sikkim 2017.

Q: Your role model(s)?

A: I look up to Priyanka Chopra. She is an epitome of confidence and courage. I admire the way she pushed herself to become what she is today. From being a beauty queen to one of the most acclaimed actors, Priyanka has proved that with hardwork and determination, nothing is unachievable.

Q: Your hobbies?

A: I’m fond of reading books, watching movies, listening to music and swimming. I have been passionate about modeling since my school days

Q: Best lines/quote that describes you the best:

A: A strong and positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life.

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Picture Courtesy:  Akashdeep Gazmer

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