Meet Miss World Japan, Priyanka Yoshikawa as she is all set to explore a part of Northeast India!

Meet Miss World Japan, Priyanka Yoshikawa as she is all set to explore a part of Northeast India!

Priyanka Yoshikawa who addresses herself as ”hafu” for being born  to an Indian father and a Japanese mother considers being born with a biracial identity is a boon, as she experiences and learns the beauty of both the cultures .

This young model  fits best to be termed as Beauty with brains, she is humble yet bold. With head held high , this model knows exactly where she is heading.

With her participation at the  Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics Forum-2017 on November 2 and 3 she will be delivering the sub keynote address at the forum to evangelize ,Community Conservation and Social Mobility.

All you need to know about Miss world Japan as she interacts with TNT- The Northeast Today

TNT: Can you brief us about your growing up days, childhood, education, family background?

Priyanka: I was born in Tokyo, raised in California, Kolkata and Tokyo. I’ve been living in Japan the longest now. I am a ”Hafu” My mother is Japanese and my father is Indian.

TNT– How did modelling come to you, what was your ultimate aim in life while you were growing up?

Priyanka– When I was 17 I got scouted and started modeling. It wasn’t easy and still is not but I love the job and I hope to grow and learn more as a person from it.

TNT: Have you ever visited any of the Northeastern parts of India earlier?

Priyanka– I haven’t. I’ve only visited  Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi.

TNT: Can you share your experience growing up in Japan with biracial identity?

Priyanka– I had the opportunity to be partially raised and educated in my primary years in California, and my classmates were international and diverse. I also attended school in India. Since I was exposed to so many cultures and people, I never felt being biracial was a negative thing. When I came back to Japan I realized it made me more global and was a gateway to understanding cultural differences.


TNT: Do you have plans of settling in India in the coming days?

Priyanka– I will go wherever life takes me but I love India and I would love to work out here more, be it acting or modeling.

TNT: Can you tell us something about your adoration towards elephants?

Priyanka– They are humble, smart, kind yet strong and that is why I like them.

TNT: Which culture attracts you more from the two that you are born with?

Priyanka-I honestly can’t choose, they both do.

TNT: Who do you think have always been your inspiration/role model?

Priyanka– My mother

TNT: Can you just gist us with your journey to Miss World Japan?

Priyanka– Miss World was a childhood dream. It was one of the best times of my life. Everything that I got to experience through out the pageant I have grown so much personally.

TNT: Are you planning to visit Northeast India?

Priyanka– I will be visiting Assam this November.

TNT: Your message to aspiring models

Priyanka– Put your best into each moment, be yourself and I believe that is is important to turn our dreams into reality that has to do a lot with patience and  positive mindset.

By Zaheera Ahmed



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