Meet Miss India Meghalaya Mary Khyriem who is just one step away from her dreams!- A TNT Exclusive

Somewhere behind our darkest fears is the light that lifts us up, it gives us the courage and hope that we can be what we aspire to be. Where some dreams were about to fade, this Northeast girl has proved that nothing is impossible if we set our vision towards our goals. This is the story of a shy girl who left her comfort zone to pursue her dreams and is now just some steps away from achieving her goal. Read our exclusive interview with Femina Miss India Meghalaya Mary Khyriem. 

Meet Miss India Meghalaya Mary Khyriem who is just one step away from her dreams!- A TNT Exclusive

TNT: Tell us about your childhood days?

Mary Khyriem: As a child , I had always been shy and never broke beyond my comfort zone. I had always been that girl who thought fairy tales were real and growing up to be a princess meant everything; a world of make believe.  My childhood days was spent playing with barbies and games where kids now-a-days miss out . As a child I had many dreams but the one stable dream out of the many dreams I had, is becoming a singer.

TNT: As a kid, did you ever dream of becoming a model someday?

Mary Khyriem: Well like I said I was introvert , as well as timid and to me modelling never occurred  to me till my high school days . Sure I loved seeing models walk the ramp but I never imagined myself waking up and becoming one . For a girl who liked to stay in her comfort zone this was one of those fairy tale moments. But as the years progressed, I am thankful and blessed to have finally come out of my shell.

TNT: How did the idea of modeling come into your mind?

Mary Khyriem: To be really honest it never really did . But seeing my Sister engaging with all her sessions , a spark grew inside of me.  But I owe it all to My mentor Arif Mukhim who introduced me to modelling; the reason why I am a model today . The timid girl evolved gradually to the girl I am today.  And trust me without the constant encouragement and support from family  and loved ones, I wouldn’t be here today.  But most importantly it’s all but God’s blessing and by His loving Grace.

TNT: When you were crowned as Miss Meghalaya 2018, how was the feeling?

Mary Khyriem: Trust me it was a surreal moment,  completely overwhelmed by the feeling.  “Miss India”!!! Felt more like a dream of this Wanderlust but here I am one step closer to my dream. I always thought it was too big of a dream to achieve but I pushed myself and here I am representing my State Meghalaya.  I am honoured and honestly terrified ; in a sense that to show its diversity in a national platform,  well let’s just say, can one person show everything it offers with so much potential only we the people know. I want people to know Meghalaya at the tip of their tongue.

TNT: Tell us about education, your academic persuits so far?

Mary Khyriem: My schooling was done in Loreto Convent High school and I am currently a student of St.Anthony’s College pursuing my Mass Communication.

TNT: How supportive was your family with your decision of taking up modeling as a career?

Mary Khyriem: My family has always been in the front seat , cheering and supporting me in whatever I do. That in itself says a thousand words.

TNT: What do you think about the fashion scene in Northeast India?

Mary Khyriem: Well the fashion scene in Northeast India is as diverse as it’s people. And looking at our Northeasterns, most are up to date with their fashion and hence well updated with their style as well.

TNT: What message do you want to convey through modeling?

Mary Khyriem: Modelling is a form of art where designers and fabrics elevate the essence of this art form.  Through this I’ve learned to appreciate every little effort put into making the garment and how tiny details are important. Not many look at it in a varied perspective but at a deeper sense it teaches many attributes like being appreciative of the things we take for granted, time management and many more if  only looked differently.

Modelling and Pageants have tremendously shaped me into pushing my limits, being confident, appreciating all individuals and hence strongly believing in individualism but most importantly to stay true to who you are .

Rapid fire questions

#Favorite color-                      Blue
#Role model-                           Sister

#Favorite actor/actress-        Chaning Tatum
#Favorite food-                        Anything cheesy
#Favorite fashion designer-  Sabya Sachi
#Favorite Movie-                     My lost Valentine
#Favorite destination-           As a wanderlust I have no specific destination



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