Meet Guwahati boy, Santanu Kaushik Hazarika, the only 'Red Bull Doodle Art Champion' from India

April 19, 2017: Doodles, we all probably did so in our bored state of mind. Scribbling on books, papers, or anything relevant enough to create or leave a mark. Spontaneous shapes and forms, patterns, designs, images of objects, landscapes, people and a lot more. Few of us delved further and understood the true essence of this art form, increasing the creativity productivity and making it big, living for and out of it.

Santanu Kaushik Hazarika

Guwahati lad, Santanu Kaushik Hazarika, an engineering dropout followed his passion to represent India at the Red Bull Doodle Art Global Gallery in Cape Town in 2014. His artwork not only impressed the jury and the contestants, he was selected as the winner among the 28 doodles exhibited from around the world at the Red Bull Doodle Art Global Gallery in Cape Town.  The three judges appreciated the fine detail and patterning in his doodle, which was displayed on a model of the Taj Mahal.

Currently working for RedBull, Austria and having done independent projects for Harper’s, Red Bull, Aaromya tea, Utsah, Metropolis Asia, Mojarto (NDTV), he has also added another laurel in his hatchet-working for the Ministry of Culture, India.

Santanu doodled on two white Ford Figo cars as a part of a joint project taken up by Red Bull and Zoomcar. One in Guwahati and another in Kolkata. These cars will run in the streets of these two cities and will be exhibited at places as a part of their promotional activity.

His stark belief in Hindu Mythology and his awe in the topic had led him to pen down some excellent masterpieces. Not only did he let his imagination run wild with all the symbolic elements being put to life, he took pretty brave steps while creating a few pieces.Being inspired by his roots, he got lost in the cosmos of art and caricatures where he could pen down things that existed and that were just fragments of his imagination at large.

Shantanu speaks about how he has been engrossed in the fantasy world of his imagination where naive designs coming out as scribbles incorporate together with other psychedelic and tantric elements to formulate a single masterpiece.He believes that Physics and Meta Physics, art and the sub conscious mind are all to be embraced and you can usher them in once his mini art journal hits the stands where you can purchase them and flip through the psychedelic trip.


At first Shantanu doodled for fun, drawing cartoons or comic book characters when younger. Further doodling into intricate details. When ‘Red Bull Doodle Art’ knocked on his door in 2014, things took a wild turn since then.Winning the world doodle art championship pocketed him his first corporate contract as a designer where he also designed a limited edition RBDA t-shirt which was up for sale in Red Bull store.Starting his own online apparel store called Dilate Ink and travelling the world hosting art workshops has been the dream come true that all came after the whooping success.He is also currently working on a book based on Hindu mythology.We can safely say, the Guwahati boy finally got his wings!


Red Bull Doodle Art is back!This year its bigger and better with a look out for the one who can bring their inner demons to life.Now is your chance to transform into the next Shantanu Hazarika.With your doodle being showcased at one of the best exotic locations in the world the one with the most imaginative scribble is in for a surprise. Out of all 40 participating countries the winners will be invited to a Global Gallery where their doodle will be put up as VIRTUAL REALITY! So wait no more.

In class, on bus or at home… Where does the mind take you?
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by Nocy Rangsa Marak
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