Manipur: Tribal Committee submits memorandum

Manipur: Tribal Committee submits memorandum

IMPHAL, February 23, 2018: JCCTOM – Joint Co-ordination Committee of Tribal Organizations Manipur has submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister of India apprising him not to pay heed to the demand for the inclusion of Meitei/Meetei in the Scheduled Tribe list of India.

In the memorandum, the JCCTOM said that it ‘vehemently protest against the demand for inclusion of Meitei as Scheduled Tribe in the Constitution of India’.

The JCCTOM in its memorandum said, ‘You are aware that the majority population of the erstwhile princely state, i.e. the Meiteis/Meetei, is demanding the inclusion of Meiteis (Manipur valley based population) as Scheduled Tribe in the Indian Constitution’.

According to the JCCTOM, this demand is ridiculous, “to say the least and illogical”.

The JCCTOM then stated that the tribal are forced to oppose to the demand tooth and nail, saying that, before the merger ‘Manipur princely State’ into the Indian Union, Manipur enjoyed all the facilities of a state except (minus) the Tribal of Manipur.

“Tribal were never a party to the merger agreement”, the JCCTOM claimed.

According to the JCCTOM, Manipur tribal have only one ‘saving grace’, the Manipur tribal are recognized as Scheduled Tribes, and that the Government of India gives the facilities from time to time.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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