Manipur | Thanga rape case: Victim threatened by masked gunmen

Manipur | Thanga rape case: Victim threatened by masked gunmen

IMPHAL | May 17, 2018

Some unknown masked men with guns came and threatened the Thanga rape case victim that all her family members will be killed if she does not state that the five accused persons involved in the case is innocent, while giving her statement.

This was stated by the father of the victim, when a team of media persons along with members of Socialists Students Union of Manipur (SSUM) and Proletarian Feminist Movement Manipur (PFMM) visited the residence of the victim today.

The father further disclosed that on April 25, one masked men also came to the campus of chief judicial magistrate, Bishnupur and threatened the victim by showing a gun, while she was waiting for her hearing to give her statement, sitting inside a vehicle.

He further revealed that the then investigation officer (IO) of the case, Ningboy said that the alleged accused, H. Bungoba, 25, son of H. Sanatombi of Thanga Heisnam Leikai, who is not yet arrested is the brother-in-law of the BJP state, vice president, M. Asnikumar, and asked him not to let her daughter disclose his name as threat may come to the family and to the IO himself.

The alleged accused Ningboy is the eldest among the five accused and he himself is the driver of the van which is used in kidnapping and raping the minor girl, claimed the father.

Briefing the history of the case, the aunty of the victim said that the main accused of the case, H. Dhanashyam alias Lalboy son of H. Budhi of Thanga Heisnam Leikai, who is considered as minor is found to be above 18 years during ossification test and moreover he has history of using drugs.

 Some months before the incident occurred, the main accused took a photograph of the victim in her school dress, when her skirt was blown up by the wind.Later the victim girl found some of edited photos in a studio located at Thanga Thongkhong, owned by one Robert, and when inquired about the photo, it came to light that the photo was given by the main accused for editing.

The aunty continued Dhanashyam started blackmailing him to expos her photo if she does not become his girlfriend and even to kidnap her.

The victim revealed the situation to her mother, and from that her family members escorted her everyday to school.

On February 13 afternoon when she went out to collect her laundry clothes hanging out side, she was called out by one of the co-accused saying that Dhanashyam was to clarify regarding the photos.

As she went to the main road, she was dragged inside a van by physically assaulting her and closing her mouth with a napkin, taking the chance of the deserted street, she added.

The aunty said according to the victim girl she was taken to three different houses, including the house of the main accused and ward member, H. Kumar house and was raped.

At after taking her to different location she was dropped at a bushy ground near her relative’s house, completely nude, continued the aunty.

Stating the victim girls is in traumatic condition and is still unable to go outdoors the family members of the victim appealed to the government to take up action against all the five accused involved in the gang rape case and give quick justice to the victim girl and give back her normal life.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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