Manipur results update: Despite uproar, Congress still manages to win in 6 seats, 5 for NPF in Naga-dominated areas

IMPHAL, March 11 2017: Like the saying goes, anything can happen in politics. For the last few months, Manipur has been affected badly by the economic blockade was called by the United Naga Council (UNC) to protest against the Ibobi-led government’s decision to create new districts from Naga-dominated areas like Chandel, Senapati, Tamenglong and Ukhrul.

But interestingly, if one takes a look at the Manipur Poll results 2017, it is surprising to note that despite all the hatred projected towards the congress for this move, the INC still manages to win in certain pockets of these areas though of course the NPF was not far behind.


First let’s take a look at the two constituencies in Chandel:

In Tangnoupal, the congress managed to garner as many as 16940 votes while the Naga People’s front (NPF) was trailling behind with 11015. While in Chandel, National People’s Party (NPP) won the battle by securing 14216 votes and congress was trailing behind with 1185 votes while the NPF secured only 1574 votes.


Six constituencies in Senapati:

Saikul: The INC won the battle by securing 8673 votes while the NPF received only 304 votes, in Karong, the INC secured 14038 votes while the NPF managed to garner only 5342 votes. In Mao, of course, the NPF emerged victorious b
y securing the highest number of votes recorded which is 25933 while the INC received only 11604. In Tadubi, it was the NPP who won the battle by securing 17115 while the NPF received only 6614 and congress only 305. In Kangpokpi, BJP’s magic swept over the area and securing 13485 votes leaving NPF behind with only 875 votes. Meanwhile, in Saitu, INC once again won the battle by securing 19467 votes while NPF stood at 116 votes.

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Three Constituencies in Ukhrul:

Phungyar: Congress was swept by a tsunami of NPF votes as the latter stand at 11900 while INC secured only 5313. In Chingai, NPF again won the battle by securing 3868 and INC secured only 1419. In Ukhrul, INC won the battle by securing 11510 votes while NPF secured only 8883.


Three constituencies in Tamenglong:

Tamei: NPF yet again secured the winning seat by attaining 15933 votes while INC got only 1136. In Tamenglong, BJP emerged victorious by securing 13023, NPF with 11019 votes and INC with only 215 votes. In Nungba, the congress’s flag was raised higher than the rest with a total of 10255 votes.


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