Manipur Result Update: Is Congress speculating BJP of holding Independent MLA captive?

Imphal, March 12: As countdown begins for the final decision on who will form the government in Manipur, both BJP and Congress are leaving no stone un turned to hold talks and meets to form allies with smaller parties and independent candidates. Amidst all this, Congress has come up with a speculation against the BJP that it has held one of Manipur’s Independent MLA captive.

As per a news report in NDTV, it has been reported that Congress has alleged BJP of openly flouting the rule of law as well as misusing CISF personnel at Imphal airport. As per the report, an Independent Manipur candidate and BJP candidate were seen to be travelling together. Congress has alleged BJP of kidnapping the independent candidate and holding him captive while BJP on the other hand has said that it was the Congress who was trying to do the same.

The Congress also said that BJP is playing a dangerous game of abduction and misappropriation in order to claim majority votes and form government. Congress also alleged BJP of misusing CISF and airport authorities to detain and abduct the independent candidate.

Amidst this tussle for power, as BJP and Congress gear up for ally support, the interesting turn of events has raised many eye brows as speculations run high for the ultimate result.

TNT News with inputs from NDTV news