Manipur girl found dead at Delhi residence; IGP Robin Hibu raises serious concern about death of NE youth

Manipur girl found dead at Delhi residence; IGP Robin Hibu raises serious concern about death of NE youth

January 11, 2018

IGP Robin Hibu, Delhi has once again raised concerns about the rampant deaths of Northeast Indian people in other parts of India after another recent case of  Tabitha Kamei, a young girl from Tamenglong who was found dead in Delhi. As per a statement issued by him on his facebook post, Tabitha was working in Delhi and must have been under some sort of stress that steered her to take the extreme step of ending her life. Her body was taken from Delhi to Tamenglong via aircraft today.

Hibu in his statement expressed deep remorse at the regular deaths of young NE boys and girls struggling either for jobs or competitive examinations in ncities whereby many seem to be suffering from homesickness owing to unmanageable stress and endemic uncertainty in cities.

He also added,  “I am still fresh with recent deaths or suicide of a girl at Narayana, UPSC aspirant suicide at Mukherjee, death of ALS IAS institute student, death of Naga girl at Chennai, death of young girl at Munirka, suicide at Mahipalpur, death at Dehradun, suicide of BDS student at Agra, death at Hotel at Green Park and also at Jaipur and the list seems endless.”

Her asserted that many factors drive youth to take such devastating steps in big cities some of which include – erratic job timing, lack of proper regular meals, lack of proper sleep due to erratic job timing, lack of job security, lack of financial security leading to tension and stress, lonely and melancholic feeling in this city away from homes, failed love affairs , lack of emotional support from family , lack of carreer counselling, lack of support system in the time of initial stress making them dependent on alcohol and other abusive substances, lack of community or tribes interface as their jobs especially in private jobs are in odd hours.

Many seek respite in social media which keeps them distracted but here again, cunning predators emotionally or financially give them false hopes of relationship thereby accentuating the stress.

He urged the Government departments, NGOs, religious organisations, elders to work collectively to tackle the ongoing sorry plight of youngsters.

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