LIFESTYLE | FOOD: Here are the health benefits of eating Kale and Spinach

LIFESTYLE | FOOD: Here are the health benefits of eating Kale and Spinach

Food | Jan 4,2018

Dark green veggies, which is a food group that includes leafy greens such as kale, spinach and dandelion greens, should make regular appearances in your diet.

Kale and spinach — both “super veggies” are packed with nutrients because they’re leafy greens.

Kale’s deep colour means there is a high concentration of nutrients, and that translates into a range of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Spinach is a healthy and inexpensive way of improving our intellectual capabilities.

High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and constipation are enemies to Kale and spinach.

Vitamin K

Kale and spinach all differ slightly in their nutrient content, but they all come packed with nutritional value and make smart additions to any health-conscious diet.

Kale and spinach greens all serve as excellent sources of vitamin K. Your body uses vitamin K to activate a range of proteins, including proteins needed for bone development, as well as lung and heart cell growth.

It’s also essential for blood coagulation, and healthy vitamin K levels ensure that your body can form blood clots needed to prevent excessive bleeding.

A single 2-cup serving of raw spinach, kale or dandelion greens provides your entire recommended daily intake of vitamin K.

Vitamin A

Spinach or kale to your diet and you’ll also consume your daily recommended intake of vitamin A. Your body can use vitamin A to maintain healthy skin cell function, which not only benefits your skin’s appearance, but ensures that your skin forms a strong barrier against infection.


The differences between the two leafy greens are negligible in other ways, as well. They both come in at one gram of dietary fibre per serving, important for keeping everything working properly down below.

Studies have shown that colorectal cancer risk can be lowered by consuming lots of fibre from fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin B6

Kale also beats out spinach in for vitamin B6, though less dramatically.

The former has 9 percent of your RDI for this essential vitamin, thought to be related to heart and brain health.

Source: NeLive



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