LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | On Rape, Religion and loss of Humanity!

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | On Rape, Religion and loss of Humanity!

Date- May 9, 2018


The Editor

TNT- The Northeast Today

Respected Editor,

If my opinion or someone else’s opinion would bring about a change then the earth would be occupied by rational humans rather than irrational acting beings. The place where we are living would be a place where balanced biological system dealing with humans would function properly. Everything seems at its place except for the human beings who have forgotten their place. In a place where elders are to be respected, they are killed, in a place where men are supposed to protect they are hunting and in a place where children are supposed to be loved they are being raped and molested.

The perspective of a human seems to have changed instead of thinking rationally they have started a conflict among themselves. Take for instance the incident of a minor girl whose body was found inside a prayer hall and which went on to take the bitter turn of communalism. I fail to understand how a group of people in the name of communalism can commit such a heinous crime, the hatred formed in such a way that it took the life of an innocent girl, was that right if that was really the intention as portrayed?

This is not the first case of rape that took place within the country, there are many brutalism that the victim has suffered. In social media too, I have come across many comments and status where people express themselves on the basis of her community. Lets take time and think about thousands and thousands of rape cases that occurred in India. Should we take each of the victims and divide them according to their religion?

The main question that arises is that for how long are we going to tolerate this torture on women? If she is a Muslim should she be raped? If she is a Hindu, should she be molested and abused? Aren’t we the proud country with different colours of festival, tribes and languages? Then why is there a barrier between us? Where has humanity lost? This is the only question I would like to put forward on behalf of the citizens of the country.

Yours faithfully, 

Preetty Chambugong Marak

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