Leading women from Northeast India slam Biplab Deb on his sexist remarks

Leading women from Northeast India slam Biplab Deb on his sexist remarks

TNT News | April 28, 2018

The Chief Minister of Tripura seems to have become infamous for his weird comments in just a span of a few months, and while the media seems to become well fed with his comments on the internet and Diana Hayden, the women from Northeast India do not seem to have taken his comments lightly.

Panchali Bhattacharjee, social worker and wife of former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, said Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s comments on Miss World Diana Hayden were ‘unexpected’.

“Beauty pageant winners have to work very hard to win. It is not right to demean them in any way. Besides, we do not see women in any stereotypical way. They should have freedom of expressing themselves as Laxmi, Saraswati or otherwise”, Panchali said.

Engineer and Femina Miss India contestant from Tripura Mamita Debbarma said the Chief Minister’s comments are “shameful”.

“Governments in other states felicitate and promote people who win these accolades. We work hard for beauty contests. This comment is very unfortunate and shameful”, Mamita said.

Papri Bhattacharjee, a student of Tripura University, said she “disagreed” with Chief Minister on his claim of rigged beauty contests. “There might be industry tricks and fixes in some places but many great Indian stars have come through the beauty pageant contests. I disagree with what he said”, she said.

Award Winning global Campaigner from Manipur Urmila Chanam said, “Whenever a man or society wants to decide what is beautiful, this definition of beautiful is deeply entrenched in stereotypes and patriarchy. The comments of Tripura CM spews of patriarchy. I fail to understand the context of his comparison between Aishwairya Rai and Daina Hayden but somewhere at the base of it, there is a concept called ‘Sanskari’ image of how a woman should behave and how a woman should look.”

Urmila also went on to question the CM by saying, “How can a person make a comment on a panel of experts who judge beauty pageants? Miss World or Miss Universe or similar beauty pageants is not only about looks but also about personality and talent. His statements are very demeaning at two levels- Firstly, you are not accepting a person who is as flamboyant, as natural, somebody who speaks her mind-  Diana Hayden is about not conforming to any stereotype that you set out for women. Whenever a woman steps out of her boundaries or the expectations of patriarchy, they are always at the receiving end”.

Mayor-in-council of Agartala Municipal Corporation Fulan Bhattacharya criticized Chief Minister Deb for his comments and said judging Diana Hayden’s worth in becoming Miss World was “none of his business”.

“I am severely against stereotyping Indian beauty with any goddess. This is a retrogressive thought and a fundamentalist approach. The entire country is laughing at his comments. As people from Tripura, we feel ashamed”, Bhattacharya said.

Entrepreneur cum RTI activist from Mizoram, Mariana Lalrindiki said, “There is no difference between Diana Hayden and Aishwairya Rai except for the fact that they vary only in terms of their religion. I do not understand what made him say that.”

It may be recalled that the CM Biplab Deb while addressing a gathering yesterday said that Diana Hayden did not deserve the Miss. World crown while even mentioning that she did not represent the Indian culture like Aishwairya Rai does! He also went on to the extent of saying that international beauty pageants such as Miss World and Miss Universe were pre-fixed and they were a way of getting their products into the Indian market by using the models.





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