FACT CHECK! Covid-19 can be treated with aspirin; Really?


NEW DELHI | June 6:

With false information storming various social media platforms, there's a rumour doing its round, claiming that COVID-19 is a bacteria and not a virus and it can be treated.

A video claiming that COVID-19 is a bacteria has been doing its round on social media. However, this video has been debunked and termed as "FAKE" by the government even as it asserted that COVID-19 is a "Virus".

A widely circulated video falsely claimed that Sars-Cov-2 is not a virus but a bacteria "amplified with 5G electromagnetic radiation" and that it can be treated with aspirin.

Debunking this Covid-19 related fake news piece, Press Information Bureau (PIB) took to twitter to clarify on the matter.

"Claim- A widely circulated video on social media claims that #Covid19 is a bacteria & which can be treated with aspirin#PIBFactCheck– This is #Fake. Coronavirus is a virus and there is no specific medicinal cure available yet," PIB Fact Check tweeted.


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