Last headhunters: Amazing images of the historic Naga warriors

The Konyaks are known for their fierce headhunting history, which continued until 1960.


Found in large numbers in Nagaland, India, the former warriors are recognised by their facial tattoos and the animal skin, hair and horns which are ceremoniously draped over their bodies.


‘In ten or perhaps 15 years, most if not all of these former Konyak headhunters and their wives will be dead.


Their faded tattoo-adorned faces will be buried beneath Christian headstones in hilltop villages in the remote Mon district of Nagaland in north east India.


With their demise, the living memories of their unique cultural existence will disappear for eternity.


The Konyak warrior tribe is one of the many Naga tribes known for their fierce headhunting history and hunting skills and trophies won through hunting are worn as part of their costume.


Compiled by TNT 

Photo courtesy: Trupati Pandya