Here are 11 things you will always find in a Khasi household

Here are 11 things you will always find in a Khasi household

The khasi people are generally very intelligent people even ancestral finding reveals that they were not hunters but they were able to till their lands and accumulate food through their cultivation. They had a profound understanding of God and they knew exactly which tool and equipment to use for their kitchen, plough and other necessary .From the mokhiew, to the lingka these tools are used even today for gardening and cultivating in the fields. Other tools and equipments are incorporated in their daily lives .

Let us take a look at the 11 things the khasi often use


#1 The Jainsem

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The Jainsem is worn in nearly every household .This is usually worn when women go out of their houses usually when going to the market, going to work or meeting .This is worn by most married women and other elderly khasi women.


# 2 The Dhara


The Dhara is usually worn during special occasions by the khasi women. The Dhara is usually worn in events like a weddings or any other special functions in the house or out side .


#3 The Jainkyrshah


The Jainkyrshah is worn by khasi women while doing their household chores.It is more like an apron. But usually you will see nearly every household the women usually wear their Jainkyrshah.


#4 The Khoh

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The Khoh is usually used in the rural areas .Be it for carrying their vases filled with water or nowadays if you visit the market place (iiewduh) you will see women tend to fill their Khoh with beetle nut and bettle leaves( kwai or tympew)and sell it to the customers.


#5 The Kwai



The Kwai is found and eaten in nearly all the khasi household .They are usually stored in the Shangkwai and there is a folklore that surround the kwai . The Kwai is usually offered as a means of welcoming a guest in the house. It is usually served when the guest arrives or when the guest just finished drinking their tea.


#6 The Sohprew

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The Sohprew is usually used by the khasi as a means to clean themselves .This is used as a loofah and when rubbed in soap it is a great scrubber.The khasi people usually tend to use the Sohprew instead of the loofah available in the market.


#7 The Tari

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The Tari is used in most of the khasi household as a knife. Is is used to cut vegetables and other things in the kitchen .Very sharp and effective it is preferred to any other knife available in the market.


#8 The Shangkwai


The Shangkwai is used to store the Bettle nut and bettle leaf (kwai and tympew). This is an equipment found in nearly all the khasi household.It holds the kwai,tympei,shun of the khasi people .


#9 The pla iiew


The pla iiew is usually used for marketing .When a khasi woman go to the market she usually carry the pla iiew to fill in all the things she has gathered from the market. It is usually found in all khasi household and it is very efficient to carry groceries.


#10 The Brut



The Brut shuit iing is a famous tool of the khasi .Usually used to clean the floors of the houses ,it can also be used to clean clothes too. This is used as a substitute to the brush .But it is very effective and the outcome from using this is very fine.


#11 The Mula



The mula or moorah is usually found in all khasi households.This is use as a substitute to dinning chairs and is usually used in the kitchen .They are used also when people sit to relax in their varendah or anywhere else in the house.

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