Keeping it real with hip-hop band ‘Poetic Revolution’ from Manipur

Keeping it real with hip-hop band ‘Poetic Revolution’ from Manipur

Interviewed by Preetty Chambugong Marak | March 31, 2018

If you’re thinking that Northeast India is all about Nature, Tribes, hills and exotic flora and fauna, then think again! Northeast, a treasure chest hidden from the rest of the country is slowly evolving into a talent-producing region.

From dancers to singers, Fashion to feasts, name any form of art, you’ll find it. In the recent years, we have highlighted a number of upcoming stars from the region and today, we have discovered yet another group of talented rappers who are on a journey to change people’s perception about rap music.

Introducing a group of three young rappers from Manipur — “Poetic Revolution”


TNT-The Northeast Today brings you an exclusive interview with the upcoming talent “The Poetic Revolution”, a young band of rappers from Manipur. After the “Khasi bloodz band”, The Poetic Revolution is all set to blow your mind with their songs through rap.

Here is an exclusive interview of TNT with the young band of rappers:

TNT: Description about the band members?

 Bunny chakraborty aka Young God : Rapper/ Producer/ Video Director/ Artworks
Young God is a 21 year old emcee from Imphal city. He stepped into the hip hop scene back in 2016 with his debut track “Mera Desh” with D Square, which now 6k has views on YouTube. He has recently dropped his debut EP Mastermind which has earned him a lot of appraisal in the Imphal hip hop scene and outside.
Deepak Dey aka D Square : Rapper
D Square is a 19 year old emcee from Imphal city. He has been active in the scene since 2016. His last project was a featuring verse in Chakravyuh for Mastermind EP. He also looks after our marketing on social media.
Chirag sharma aka Smogy : Rapper
Smogy is a 21 year old emcee from Imphal city. He joined the group in 2017 officially with the release of Gulam with him as the featuring artist. Since then he has dropped many projects. His last project Gunhegar is about to reach 3k views on YouTube.
Anurag Shrama aka Bob : Photographer/ Videographer
Chun : Photographer/ Videographer

TNT: What kind of Music do you like the most?

Poetic Revolution: Any type of music which gives me hope and motivation to be better.

TNT: When was the first time you started rapping and how did it become a passion?

Poetic Revolution: I started rapping at the age of 17 though I had interest in writing since I was 12. I started developing great interest in hip hop music when I first heard Eminem.

TNT: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Poetic Revolution: Tupac Shakur, he was a great artist but I also respect the person he was in his day to day life. He was a rebel, I also aim to be one.

TNT: How do you describe rapping or ‘rap’?

Poetic Revolution: According to me rap is flowing to a beat while being true to yourself. As long as you are real, you’re hip hop.

TNT: Any message you would like to convey to our readers?

Poetic Revolution: In our country, mostly hip hop music is shown in bad light. The audience thinks that this art is all about slang and it promotes drug use but that is just half the truth. Knowledge has always been a crucial part of hip hop. Hip hop has been an inspiration for thousands like me since it was introduced.

TNT: What do think about the music scene in Northeast India?

Poetic Revolution: The music scene in Northeast is going great right now. Particularly the hip hop scene has been growing at a very fast pace and Khasi Bloodz has a huge contribution towards it. Their last collaborative project for Puma was a huge success. The future of hip hop in Northeast looks bright. And at last I would like to thank everyone who have been supporting us since day one. We love ya’ll. Shout out to everyone who has been part of the EP.

TNT- The Northeast Today



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