In conversation with Tura thrash metal band – Condemned Hour

In conversation with Tura thrash metal band – Condemned Hour

Founded in the year 2009, Condemned hour is a thrash metal band from Tura, Meghalaya. Inspired by bands such as King Diamond, Annihilator, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura etc they are enthralling the music scene with their fast and aggressive music. Since 2010, they have released singles titled Troubleshooter, a covered song Atchu Ambi’n by Muz in 2012, Blindfold Path in 2013, Piece of advice, Life of pleasure/Game of death in 2014 and Behind The Beauty in the 2015.

Here is Aaron K Marak of Condemned Hour with The Northeast Today

TNT. How’s it going in Condemned Hour camp? Our readers would like to know the band members.

AM: Condemned hour started by the drummer is an A. chik thrash metal band from Garo hills Tura. It was formed in the year 2009 on November 28th. The group consists of Teseng D Marak as vocalist, Daryl Ch Marak as guitarist, Sonu Sangma as bassist and myself (Aaron K Marak) as the drummer. Playing in a band keeps us motivated. We have performed in a few competitions as well as concerts in town and also at the Hornbill rock fest in Nagaland in the year 2014. Condemned hour considers their genre to be as A. chik thrash metal band from Garo hills. The band has been producing only singles since 2010 with our debut single Troubleshooter. A covered song Atchu Ambi’n by Muz in 2012, Blindfold Path in 2013, Piece of advice, Life of pleasure/Game of death in 2014 and Behind The Beauty in the 2015.

TNT. How would you describe your sound? And what’s the reason behind choosing this genre?

AM: Condemned hour considers their genre as A. chik thrash metal. Since school we have been listening to all kinds of music and as we grew we started to fall in love with metal. We got inspired from bands like Sepultura, Metallica, Black Sabbath and more of its kind. So I guess that’s how we chose to stick to this genre.

TNT. Who do the writings? And what difficulties do you face during writing a particular song?

AM: I do the writing. I don’t face any difficulties while writing a song. It’s kind of what I do when I get time or when I’m free from everything. It’s not that I have to complete the songs in one day. We take time on making the music too and it takes a whole lot of time to do that. So while our guitarist (Daryl Marak) works on the music, I take my time writing songs.

TNT. What’s there in the store for your fans?

AM: As a band and as a musician we have our music they can listen to. We’re sure metal lovers would love the taste of our music.

TNT. What’s your take on northeast current rock music scene?

AM: As metal is not much of a consideration or well supported in the birthplace of Condemned Hour, we ought to take tough decisions relating to everything. With the organizers ignoring the band and with the lack of shows and opportunities, we find no room for ourselves even in our own place. And as POP rises across the globe and metal sinking below, it has made it even harder for the band to bring back metal to its place. But whatever it takes, we believe every band has its own barriers to tackle so the biggest motive of the band is to spread A. chik Thrash Metal right across the world, and shine the metal community. With our efforts and the “belief” that we still “believe,” with blood, sweat and tears, giving everything they can they believe to be the stars one day in this very world.

TNT. So how profoundly do you guys follow your jam session?

AM: We take our jam sessions seriously. We take it as our job so we do jam daily for two three hours. We haven’t been so active lately. As the drummer is also working out on his project band “Black Jack” which is a hard rock band. But Condemned Hour is still working on some songs. You will get notified when we’re out again. We are sure metal will never die as well as Condemned Hour.

TNT. We wish you good luck for your future projects

AM: Thank you TNT.


Listen to Condemned Hour here:



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