‘I am afraid Meghalaya will become another Tripura’- Adelbert Nongrum

‘I am afraid Meghalaya will become another Tripura’- Adelbert Nongrum

Shillong, October 12, 2017: KHNAM MDC from Jaiaw constituency, Adelbert Nongrum broke down in tears during the first half of KHADC Winter Session here on Thursday. Nongrum became emotional while discussing on the need to amend Rule 128 of the Assam and Meghalaya Autonomous District (constitution of the District Council Rule) 1951 as amended.

Nongrum wished for deletion of Rule 28 since it allows non-tribals to participate in elections to Autonomous District Councils.

“There is lack of seriousness on the part of Executive Committee to address this issue. I am afraid that Meghalaya will become another Tripura,” Nongrum stated while raising the issue in the House.

Interestingly, KHADC CEM, Pynshgain N Syiem had to move from his seat and console Nongrum. Meanwhile, the Executive Committee  placed its report on the proposed amendment of the AD Rules in the House.

The Executive Committee at the same time directed the committee under the chairmanship of HS Shylla to re-examine the matter along with experts.

While further taking part in the discussion, an emotional Nongrum said, “at an individual level, I will continue to raise this issue,”.

In his reply, KHADC CEM, PN Syiem said, “the council will continue to protect the rights of the local indigenous people as per the provisions laid down in the Sixth Scheduled of the Consitution,”.

Meanwhile, the no-confidence motion  against the Executive Committee in the KHADC led by CEM P N Syiem moved by Nongrum was not admitted since only six members stood in favour of the NC. As per convention, a total number of atleast 10 members should support the NC so that it can be admitted.

The opposition was divided over the NC moved by the lone KHNAM MDC with only members for the regional party stood up in favor of the move while the Congress MDCs decided not to support it.

Speaking to reporters after the session, on Thursday, Manstudy Nongrem said, “We decided not to support the NC since we were infomed about it only late last night. We need to discussed among the MDCs of the party before supporting the NC,”.

“The report tabled in the house by the EC is the same as the demand made by Nongrum to amend AD Rule 128. It is also for this reason we decided not to support the NC in the floor of the House,” Nongrem addded.

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