Garo woman assaulted in alleged moral policing case in Assam; 12 arrested

Garo woman assaulted in alleged moral policing case in Assam; 12 arrested

From Our Correspondent, TNT News | Tura, April 09, 2018: 

Another case of moral policing has yet again took social media by storm when a young lady in her twenties was beaten up by a group of drunken youths on the pretext of she having an affair with a non-indigenous man despite protests of the former on the allegations.

The incident went viral in social media after someone posted a video clip on Facebook last evening. In the video, a group of Garo men were seen beating up one Garo lady as well as the driver of the vehicle which she allegedly hired from the village of Krishnai in Goalpara for ferrying her goods to her shop in Nabang in the same district. The reason for the brutal thrashing was the fact that the vigilantes believed her to be in a relationship with the driver.

“She had gone to pick up goods from Krishnai as she runs a shop in Nabang. After she made her purchases, she hired a small goods carrier to take the same to her shop in Nabang, After travelling for some time, the driver of the vehicle excused himself as he had to answer nature’s call. Meanwhile a group of people, who were drinking in the nearby Reserve Forest saw them and made their own conclusions,” said social activist Jaynie Sangma.

The group of drunk men then immediately surrounded the vehicle and started accusing them of adultery. Despite protestations from the woman they began to physically assault her.

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The woman was beaten up by the group with some slapping her while others kicked her in her private parts and some even pulling her by the hair while she was trying to contact her husband to clarify on the matter. The woman in the video fell unconscious for the first time during the assault. The driver in the meantime was also beaten up by the same group.

In the second video, while the woman is seen hugging her husband in fear, the same group once again begins accusations against the woman to prove their point. Once again they pulled her hair. The entire episode was so tiresome for her that she lost consciousness one more time. Despite her losing consciousness, the aggressors did not stop filming the entire episode.

“There is no excuse for such acts to take place and the authorities have to act to ensure people believe in the law. We do not have such kangaroo courts and these people are not the law,” said Jaynie.

Immediately after the video went viral, law enforcement swung into action. An FIR in the case was filed by the victim in Goalpara with police now on the lookout for the other culprits in this horrendous case.

Meanwhile, according to PTI reports, at least 12 people were arrested in connection with this case; Six people were arrested on Sunday and six more on Monday, Goalpara SP Amitava Sinha.




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