From Miao in Arunachal to Majuli in Assam, 4 Assam boys are making travel exciting for all in NE!

From Miao in Arunachal to Majuli in Assam, 4 Assam boys are making travel exciting for all in NE!

June 14, 2017: WanderLuster is one of Northeast India’s first travel startups providing different accommodation services ranging from unique types like camps(tents), home-stays, farm-stays, rental rooms to the usual ones like hotels and guesthouses in the state of Assam.  With a mission to provide affordable and complete travel experience for all types of travelers including tourists and local population across Assam, 4 young boys set out on a venture to make travel easy and memorable for tourists. Founded collectively by Nishant Saikia, Abhisekh Saikia, Saurav Shakti Borah and Rwituraj Gogoi, the boys are on a mission to make travel a memorable experience for all tourists.

TNT- The Northeast Today caught up with the young boys to find out about their initiative, their inspiration and future prospects. Abhisekh , Nishant and Saurav were classmates since their school days whereas Rwituraj Gogoi is from another town of Assam. Nishant Saikia from Jorhat Engineering College, Abhisekh Saikia of Kaziranga University, Saurav Shakti Borah studying at BITS Pilani, Rajasthan and Rwituraj Gogoi studying at Luit Valley Academy, Jorhat decided to set out on a collective venture with an aim to provide a thrilling tourism experience in the summer of 2016 and the result was -‘WanderLuster’

A picturesque view of a lake in Arunachal Pradesh.

“WanderLuster is taking roots in Northeast India to develop and organize the travelling sector in the region”, they said, adding:

1. It aims to bring the highly disorganized tourism and travel sectors under one roof.

2. It focuses on affordable  accommodation booking and short travel packages.So, be it a local looking for a short getaway or a tourist looking for alternate stays, WanderLuster is there to help all.

3. The startup is purely dedicated to benefit the people of Northeast and the country by creating jobs for the local youth, helping people to enlist their homes as home stays and long stays.

A view of a tea garden in Assam.

Through our short travel packages we will help people organize weekend trips as well as recruit college students as guides”.

The initiative also provides travel packages linked to these stays. It caters to the needs of both tourists as well as people looking for affordable accommodations for monthly stays.

“We are going to provide budget accommodations and promote alternative stays like home stays, camping, village stays which will not only generate employment but also promote the tourism industry”, they said.

“We are just College going students. We are working hard for the improvement of the tourism industry of Assam”, they added.

The ruins at Deopahar located in Golaghat district of Assam which dates back to the 11th century.

Originally hailing from Moran, Assam, Rwituraj is presently studying in Luit Valley Academy Jorhat and the youngest member in the founding team. An adventure loving boy, he loves travelling and is fond of acting and writing poems. Abhishek and Nishant grew up in NRL Township, Golaghat and did schooling in DPS Numaligarh. Presently Abhishek is pursuing his Engineering degree in Assam Kaziranga University. He likes travelling too and considers himself a big comic nerd. Nishant loves reading books on coding and spending time reading answers on Quora. Hailing from Golaghat, Saurav is pursuing  studies in Mechanical Engineering at BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan and likes watching movies and playing PC games in his free time. Just like any other students of their age, these young boys live their lives fulfilling their small aspirations while dreaming and achieving something big life.

It may be mentioned that WanderLuster is almost a non profit organisation as they receive only 10 per cent of the total earnings and the rest 90 per cent goes to the poor who have joined them.

The logo of WanderLuster

“Many people from local villages have joined us, wherein they offer their houses to the tourists who want to stay in a local house and enjoy the village life. They (house owners) fix their rent and receive 90 per cent of it. “Our start up is not only helping tourists to get better facilities at minimum prices but also opening up opportunities for locals to earn a handsome amount”, the boys said.


However, these young minds have something very valuable to share with our readers. Their guiding principle is truly inspiring when they say, “If you want to rise more, you have to start early”. 

The response from the general public towards their initiative has also been quite good but so far they are lagging behind due to lack of social media exposure. Their entire initial Investment came from bootstrapping but these young founders are optimistic that their work would be recognized and supported in future.

A rural fishing scene in Assam.

“We are growing WanderLuster and targeting to improve the tourism industry of Assam and that of the entire Northeast India too, we are working hard for that, and we are also aiming to collaborate with the government so we can expand our venture all across the nation”, they add.

At such a young age, these students are treading a path which many adults fail to even risk. With dreams and ambitions in their eyes, they are proving that it is never too early to pursue what you love, be it anything- travelling or making travel a wonderful experience for others, the Wander Lust can now be kept alive!

-By Shweta Raj Kanwar

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