Food | Recipe of making Manipur’s salad ‘Yongchak singju’

Food | Recipe of making Manipur’s salad ‘Yongchak singju’

RECIPE | January 18, 2018: 
Manipuris savour a variety of singju or Manipuri salad. Manipuri salads are usually spiced up with red chilies and are garnished with many medicinal and aromatic herbs.Today,let me share the recipe of one of the favourite singjus of Manipuris – yongchak singju. Yongchak is a seasonal vegetable and is available only in the winter season.Winter season in Manipur is a season of delicacies.Many exotic vegetables are available at this time of the year and there is a saying which very much explains the condition – “Anyone who cannot become fat in the winter season will never become fat in his whole life”.


Yongchak(Tree beans or stinky beans) – 2 pods

Hawai maton(pea sprouts) – some,cleaned

Chaantruk (wavy bittercress) – some,chopped

Lomba(Lengmaser/shrubby mint) – some,shredded

Tilhou(onion) – 1 medium,sliced

Morok akangba(Dry red chillies) – 6 or as desired(steamed)

Ngari(fermented fish) – 5/6 medium(steamed)

Dry fish or fried fish – a piece,steamed

Tumningkhok(chameleon plant) – some

Chopped coriander -some

Salt – to taste


1) Scrap the tree beans or yongchak with a yongkhot,yongchak scrapper,take out the outer hard border and cut horizontally as thin as possible as shown below.

2) In a bowl,mash well together the steamed ngari,chillies,fish and salt.Add to the chopped yongchak and mix well with hand so that the yongchak is well covered with the chilli – ngari paste.

3) Now, add the sliced onion,herbs and mix lightly.

4) Serve as a side accompaniment.Bon appetite.



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