Food on Wheels: Is Shillong really asleep at night?

Food on Wheels: Is Shillong really asleep at night?


SHILLONG: There is a new night life for the town of Shillong and we are not talking about discos or clubs. Shops and malls are probably closed by 8 p.m for Police Bazar. But if you happen to visit Khyndailad, it is not the same. “Food on Wheels”, that is what some would say. The growing numbers of vendors and food stalls in Khyndailad area is increasingly gaining popularity. For these vendors and stall owners, business starts in the night and it is booming.

It is quite an attraction in the night with people actually visiting the stalls. Whether if it is someone’s cigarette itch in the night, or hunger, these vendors offer a variety of foods and other stuffs. Most shops in most localities close down by 10 p.m and if anyone is to get something in the night, they drop by to this place. Prices are affordable with delicacies such as momos, pakoras and to top it all, traditional Khasi dishes. However, that’s just one side of the coin. 50 percent of their earnings come from people who were having a good time (people coming after taking drinks). Since no shops would be open at this time, theses shops and stalls serve as the last resort. Rightly so some vendors are open till 1 a.m.


One of the vendors says, “It is a huge boon for us. A lot of people, taxi drivers and others come and have food in the night. Though most of them are drunk, we don’t mind selling stuffs as we get paid and knowing our business is booming, we don’t mind staying late at night.” Things were different during winters as there were less people visiting the place due to the cold weather but as of now we have customers till 2 a.m.”


It is really something this, and as for any riot to occur there, at the hour, a few bunch of CRPF jawans are always on stand by.

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