Five facts about Deadpool you probably didn’t know

Five facts about Deadpool you probably didn’t know

TNT FUN FACTS | May 17, 2018

While you’re all gearing up for Deadpool 2 coming to theatres this weekend, we have compiled five facts to get you ready for your favourite anti-hero in action:

1. The character was originally a villain heavily influenced by Spider-man and Wolverine and born out of a boring, humorless 90s Spider-man
Your favourite anti-hero was actually modeled as a villain with heavy influences from Spider-man and Wolverine. In fact, his creator created him because the Spider-man of the 90’s had become boring and to quote him: “Spider-Man in 1990 was a depressed, married guy”. Of Wade Wilson he said, “He’s Spider-Man, except with guns and swords. The idea was, he’s a jacka**.”

2. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is pansexual
That’s right. Despite having a straight female love interest in the first movie, Deadpool is pansexual, meaning he is attracted to people regardless of their gender identity. The actor who plays the anti-hero on-screen, Ryan Reynolds has also said that he is very open to Deadpool having a boyfriend and exploring his orientation in greater depth.

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3. Deadpool has several phobias, one of them being his fear of cows

According to him, cows “scare the heck outta” him, as he believes their stare to be chilling, like they’re “waiting.” However, it has been revealed that his true fear being left in an empty void, without any distractions whatsoever forcing him to contemplate his own existence.

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4. Captain America is his childhood hero
Wade Wilson’s childhood hero was Captain America. The two of them formed a bond as they were both government experiments. Consequently, Steve Rogers the only Marvel character to treat Deadpool with respect.

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5. Deadpool believes knows he’s a comic book character and believes the audience is killing him emotionally

Most people know that Deadpool constantly breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to his audience. While hilarious to us, knowing that he is nothing more than a character in a comic book, Deadpool has been seen as discouraged and pained by his existence. In fact, he has often addressed the fact in his comics stating that knowing he only exists as a means of entertainment to us emotionally and mentally crushes him.

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