EXPERT ADVICE | TNT- The Northeast Today’s Advice Columnists are here to help you live lives better

EXPERT ADVICE | TNT- The Northeast Today’s Advice Columnists are here to help you live lives better

TNT- The Northeast Today’s Advice Columnists are here to help you live lives better. Is there an issue that haunts you? Do you need to talk about it? Do you need a listener & an advisor? We are here for you!

Be Happy- Counselling Sessions by Lorina Richmond!

Lorina Richmond, originally from Shillong completed her Masters in Social Work, with a specialization in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), in 2005 and she is also a certified Play Therapist. Since then she’s been living and working outside of Shillong. She has worked as a consultant and full-time employee with well reputed national and international organisations working for women, children and youth spanning across many states(rural and urban).

But her dream has always been to come back to her birth place, Shillong, to give back and do something for the children and youth of the state. Now back in Shillong and armed with more than 10 years of experience in the field, she set up Be Happy Counselling Services to help children and youth in need of mental and emotional support. Lorina has always believed in approaching work with extreme professionalism,diligence and compassion. She hopes that Be Happy Counselling Services will help empower the children and youth, as well as help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Going forward, her ultimate dream is to establish a full-fledged resource and counselling center which will provide training and counselling in order to be able to address a wider range of issues and sectors.

Life is too short to miss out on Being Happy…

Be Happy, two very simple words, but for most a forgotten feeling. A simple question like – “When was the last time you felt happy?”, would evoke mixed reactions: “Oh my goodness I never really thought about it, it’s been so long!”. Some have even said, “I don’t know what happiness really feels like”. This is reality.

While everyone deserves happiness, very few understand how to attain it. It’s about finding that balance. And it all begins with one’s childhood.

Today’s children and teenagers are leading a fast pace life, most of them are not able to cope. They are also often misunderstood, not only by family but by society as a whole. Children and teens who are not guided the right way are often unable to express themselves, understand emotions, feelings or do not know right from wrong. To top it all there is academic pressure, expectations and an image to uphold. They are often lost and confused with no one to talk to. They also tend to indulge in risky impulsive behaviour in order to cope or get attention, which often sadly does not end well.

Potential is immense, but their dreams are often cut short because there is no one to guide them.  Parents most times are helpless and are looking for answers on how to deal with their children.

Be Happy Counselling Services was started because there is need to help such people, children and the youth especially to  achieve that balance so that they can grow up empowered  and are able to reach their full potential, lead happy and fulfilling lives.

We provide a safe, compassionate and professional environment where children, youth and their families can come and talk to us in confidence.

Her Counselling Services cater to:

  1. Children and teenagers between the ages 3-18 years of age.
  2. Parents, Guardians and Teachers.
  3. Hospitals and Social Welfare case references (children and teenagers).
  4. Government and Private School case references (rural and urban).

Issues Addressed by our Counseling Services are:

*Time Management

*Career Guidance

*Teenage (bullying, sexuality and safety, self-esteem, peer pressure etc)

*Child abuse


*Classroom & Student management (training and consultancy included)

You can send in your queries to our expert here- ASK THE COUNSELOR HERE!


Be Trendy- Expert Advice from Daniel Syiem!

Daniel Nongjop Syiem is an internationally renowned fashion designer from Shillong who has showcased his works in New York, London, Toronto, Rome, Singapore and ofcourse in India. He is the Creative Head of the Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House and works under the brand name “Daniel Syiem”.


Daniel is a self taught designer who is based in Shillong. He started the Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House with his friend Janessaline Pyngrope (who is the Business Head) about 6 years ago.

They started the Fashion House with the main objective of promoting textiles and handlooms of the Northeast India, particularly Meghalaya.

Another objective of the fashion house is to use Fashion as a platform to give the outside world a chance to peak into our culture and tradition.

Keeping this in mind, Daniel and his team has been working with the weavers of Ri bhoi district here in Meghalaya and promoting their fabric called the Ryndia.

Over the years they have come up with numerous collections out of the Ryndia and showcased their creations at some of the most prestigious fashion platforms across the world. From New York to London, Toronto, Rome, Singapore and back here in India, the response towards the collections and the Ryndia has been overwhelming. Besides the Fashion weeks, they are almost among the first design houses to have been invited to share their story and their work at IFFAD, Rome, The Nehru Centre in London and also the World Intellectual Property Organisation (UN) in Geneva. Recently they were invited by Smriti Irani, National Textile Minister to display their work at the Textiles India 2017 in Gandhinagar. Daniel and his team shared the platform with 30 of India’s top designers.

You can send in your queries to our expert here- ASK THE FASHION EXPERT HERE!



Dating, Relationships and Love’s  Relationship Advice Column

LoveChat is an advice column where our readers can share personal issues and/or give tips concerning everyday relationships.

It is an interactive page which touches love, family, work and personal development questions presented by TNT readers.

Do you have a pressing relationship issue that you need help with?

Have you asked your friends for their opinions and you’re still not clear on what to do about your situation?

I have been giving advice ever since my friends knew the meaning of four vulnerable little words: “What should I do?” And, from what I’ve heard, I’m quite good at it.

My friends (and sometimes their friends) seek me out for my blunt, no-sugar-coating advice, and now I’m sharing this gift with all of you.

I promise you won’t be disappointed. That was a lie; sometimes the truth hurts. But, I do promise to give you great advice!

I know what it’s like to feel like you have no one to turn to with your dating, relationship and love questions. Your friends may have heard one too many ruminations of your relationship dilemma, and are no longer willing to listen. Or, you’ve heard their advice and want a second opinion. Either way, you may be feeling a bit confused, frustrated, and alone. If only you had somewhere to turn when you needed someone to talk you off of the ledge, and keep you from making a choice that you know will be fatal to your relationship.

If there’s something on your mind get it off here in our relationship advice column. I read and respond to each of your questions personally. Our readers also chime in with their own opinions, so you’ll have plenty of advice at hand to help you make your decision.

Good advice is only a question away.

If you want to share your relationship story, send a mail to All personal identities will be kept anonymous at reader’s request.





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