Exclusive interview with Working Class Heroes

Exclusive interview with Working Class Heroes

Working Class Heroes is a five piece hard rock band from Kurseong formed in the year 2012. Inspired from bands like Black Stone Cherry, Lynrd Skynard, Stone Sour, Alter Bridge, Jimi Hendrix,etc. These vigorous musicians are enthralling the music scenario leisurely. They got an overwhelmed response after the release of their first official music video Cream on Oct 2014 .

Here is Vishal from Working Class Heroes with TNT – The Northeast Today

TNT. Hello Vishal, how is it going in the Working Class Heroes Camp?
Vishal: Cool. We are doing good and working our EP thank you.

TNT. How about introducing to the band and the members to our readers? What was the reason behind choosing this name?
Vishal: Well. We are Working Class Heroes from Kurseong, a sleepy little town located in the district of Darjeeling. WCH comprises of 4 members plus a new addition on the guitars. Vishal – Vocals, Nima Dorjay Sherpa – Guitars, Saurav Sundas – Bass, Anurup Lama – Drums and Deependra Chettri – Guitars

TNT. The Band was formed in the year 2012. What was the story behind its creation?
Vishal: To be honest WCH is a phoenix that rose out of the ashes of bands that the boys were playing in before. Me and Anurup had been together in a few bands for a number of years while Nima and Saurav were playing in a band called Civillian Dust. There is an age difference of almost 10 years between Vishal, Anurup and Nima, Saurav, Deepu. You could say our love and passion for music and similar personalities keeps us together.

TNT. How does WCH compose its song? Tell us about the different influences that come into your mind while writing your songs.
Vishal: That’s an interesting question.. Well it’s simple.. Someone comes with a tune, someone comes with a riff ringing in his head and soon Nima and I are on working on the lyrics. Our music is our collective baby. WCH is heavily inspired by southern rock music with legendary bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers etc and also bands like the Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Black Stone Cherry, Foo Fighters, Alterbridge and the list goes on… Besides that we have our own individual influences. While writing our music we try and stick to our blend of Southern Hardrock.

TNT. How do you work to meet up your differences in regard to composing or song writing?
Vishal: Usually we don’t have much difference while composing our music since, I repeat, we share the same taste and approach. But yes, we do pitch in with personal suggestions and ideas freely to each other while working.

TNT. What do you guys do, besides music?
Vishal: Hah.. well, besides music and the band, it’s work, work, more work and work! I am an English teacher working at St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling, Nima and Saurav are bankers with IDBI and SBI respectively and Anurup is an independent contractor. Only our newest member Deepu is a full time musician! So you see why we prefer to call ourselves Working Class Heroes!

TNT. Do you guys have any specific ideologies as a band? If yes, how do you manage to make it a part of the music?
Vishal: Hmmmm… We would love nothing more than to influence people with our clean brand of music and stand out from the rest. You see we are clean boys with no drugs, dope and we shun away from any kind of negative energy in our music. We try and stick to our blend of Southern Hard rock as we realized pretty early that to stand out from the crowd of bands we had to be different and so well.So far so good!

TNT. A brief Insight into your future plans? What are the future perspectives of your band?
Vishal: As of now we are working on our EP with our first single Cream that was released two years back which if I may say received handsome and immense positive feedback and brought accolades for us. For more I guess we will be crossing all those bridges when we reach them. But yeah, we we do have real sweet intentions to carry on forward.

TNT. We wish you good luck for your future projects
Vishal: Thank you TheNortheast Today for giving us this opportunity to talk to you. Well appreciated indeed. Good luck, spread love.

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