Tripura’s young animator to release documentary based on gender discrimination


AGARTALA, April 16, 2018: Meet Kaushik Samajpati, a city based young animator who successfully made it to the top with his artistic talents and skills.

Kaushik Samajpati as a young boy loved to watch Donald Duck, one of the popular Disney cartoons and movies of Charlie Chaplin. But he never thought that his love for animated characters would land him in the world of animation.

Spending three years in Tamil film industry as junior VFX artist, Kaushik returned back home for his familial issues. Kaushik even after facing many hurdles in life didn't give up on his passion, he used his experience to work on his own. He launched his own VFX center – Anim8or in 2014. Currently, he has 25 members in his team.

"After my father's retirement from Doordarshan, I quit my booming career in Chennai Film Industry to return back to home. I worked as graphic designer in a few local TV channels before opening my own venture," he said.

As of now, the Donald Duck fan had directed 378 ad films with one short film.

"Our first documentary feature on discrimination of girls is hopefully to get released shortly," he said replying in an email interview to TNT.

Eight years ago, this young animator made a name for his short film on girls' discrimination – 'Story of Circles.' This movie not only received loads of applauds but brought him two national, one zonal and one regional award.

Story of Circles, an animated short film depicted preference of boys than girls in the patriarchal society.

Apart from receiving 'Outstanding achievement in films award for the short film, he bagged his national Gateway by Anna University  and Frameflixx 3 by Frameboxx in 2011, Best Animated Short Film by Don Bosco Institute of Communication and Arts in Chennai in 2010 (zonal) and the regional by Arena Animation , Chennai in 2008.

" Story of Circles was awarded as top 10 best animated short film worldwide,"he said.

He shared his experiences after he returned to his homeland from Chennai when he found it was too difficult to outline his career on graphics in a new way. With changing times, people's views have changed, he felt.

"There was a time when people were clueless about motion graphics and animation. Now, they demand more and more graphics. I feel same for the movies too," said Samajpati adding that despite limited resources for film profession in the state, it still has a bright future.

Though commercial and documentary movies are popular film-making in the state, the young graphic artist wants to concentrate on art films.

After completing his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kaushik left for Chennai to get admitted at SRM Engineering College where he continued till third year. Amidst his study, he took lessons of animation from Arena Animation (DAE) and Framebox (VFX specialization) there.

He had worked at a few VFX production centers. Nowadays, his production house is doing almost a fat section of government-sponsored  advertisements and documentaries and even some for northeastern states.

However, he has no plan to open any animation school of his own but he keeps on imparting knowledge to his team members about editing and film technology.

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