Toshimoa Jamir official music video – Just a smile


Toshimoa Jamir is a solo guitarist from Dimapur, Nagaland. Instrumental music like any other form of music is an art difficult to master however, Toshi has been able to execute it profoundly. With sheer determination, he is content to spread the beautiful sound from his guitar and he is able to bring out an emotion that is generally needed in a song.

Toshi has won the award for Best Guitarist at the All Nagaland College Students' Union (ANSCSU) Music fest 2010. That very year he also won the Best Guitarist award at Sungku Tenem Open Beat Contest Clash of the Bands 2010.

He started playing at a very young age. His first guitar lesson was given to him by his parents who taught him basic guitar. Eventually, he started venturing out on his own and started by taking lessons from tutorial CDs.  Since then he has never looked back and thus, Jamir is now a graduate in Grade 8 with merit in Guitar (Rock School, International Rock Music Exam Board London) in 2012 from Taaqademy, Bangalore.

Passion Play is a guitar based instrumental solo album which consists of 8 tracks. Released on 7th Dec 2015, the album was recorded at Jam Studio 11 by Temjen Jamir.

Here's the link to the video: (You'll definitely have a smile on your face when you listen to this)

(TNT Desk)