Purple Fusion vocalist Lamtsala passes away


SHILLONG: Renowned vocalist from Northeast, Lamtsala H Sangtam, popularly known as the voice behind Nagaland's Purple Fusion passed away today following a prolonged battle with cancer.

Lamtsala was battling cancer for a few years now. Her friends and family recall her as an inspiration and that she was a very strong individual.

Purple Fusion as a band rose to limelight by incorporating different aspects of Naga traditional music, like rhythm, chants, vocal melodies with western instruments and of course the powerful voice of Lamtsala.

She was married to her bandmate and bassist of Purple Fusion, Mhathung Odyuo.

Funeral service of late Lamtsala was held on June 2, 11:00 a.m. at Bayavü colony, Kohima.

(TNT News)