Meet the finalists of Meghalaya Icon 6 from Shillong, Heavy Metal Giants – Natura!


"All the four of us feel blessed when we are on the stage because it's on that short time slot that we can deliver our performance and message to the music loves and especially the metal heads"..

Bringing into the limelight- Natura is an experimental heavy metal band hailing from Shillong, Meghalaya. The band comprises of Lawrence, Iaidon, Kit and Lancaster as the drummer, bassist, guitarist and the vocalist respectively. Recently they galvanized the crowd of Meghalaya Icon 6 being one of the finalists.

Today we have Natura with TNT – The Northeast Today

TNT: Hello Natura, greetings from TNT. How you guys came together?

Natura: Hello, we knew each other through the Shillong metal scene, each one of us have similar kind of music taste and wanted to explore and experiment music together, there's only three of us (Lawrence, Iaidon and kitdor) at first and we wanted to start a side project but later things changed and we started to get more serious and started to create new stuff and jam. We've experimented with the past two vocalist on stage (Yodame from genoscythe and amedius from Symphonic illusions) but they have to pursue on their own band so later we met Lancaster and we started to jam and he's our present vocalist.

TNT: What made you to form the band? What does the name prevail?

Natura: As we'd said earlier we wanted to start as a side project and experiment music with similar taste but different ideas, our influence varies from heavy, death metal, thrash metal, groove and progressive, so we wanted to create something new. The four of us are nature lovers and nature boys, and we liked to spend our time in the woods and the countryside from childhood so there's the name of the band, which comes from the word 'Natura' which is an Italian word for nature.

TNT: Does Northeast India justify the tag of rising rock scenario?

Natura: yes, NE India justifies the tag of the rising rock scenario because there were many bands and musicians from NE who have come up and are playing various stages in and outside the country, like dossers urge, plague throat, soul mate, to be named a few. Also there are many music schooling that have come up where both teachers& students with enthusiasm, participate.

TNT: Tell us something about your songwriting and composing process

Natura: The arrangement of the songs are  mainly looked after by Kitdor, Iaidon and Lawrence. We usually compose some riffs from the guitar and then the bassist would fill some riffs and fill the bass lines and later came the drums and blends them all together. And then Iaidon would write the lyrics and Lancaster finish the rest in arranging the vocal parts and lyrics too.

TNT: How do you feel whenever you go to stage & perform?

Natura: To tell you honestly, all the four of us feel blessed when we are on the stage because it's on that short time slot that we can deliver our performance and message to the music loves and especially the metalheads, the vibes from the crowd, the circle, pits wall of deaths and the headband ingredients pumps our energy on stage too.

TNT: How was your experience at Meghalaya Icon 6?

Natura: Meghalaya icon 6 was a tight competition and a great experience. Besides the competition, we participated in some counseling sessions where we learned a lot about AIDS and people living with HIV. Also, it was a very pleasant surprise and a proud moment for Natura that our guitarist (Kitdor aka bakha) got the best guitarist.

TNT: As 'Natura' what is exactly your benchmark for success?

Natura: For Natura, the benchmark changes at every stages for us as of now, it is to be able to record and be on the studio and to play at different stages as much as can get so people will know more about Natura and our music.

TNT: Where would you like to see your band in the next 4 years?

Natura: In the next four year umm.. We would like to record albums and do some touring outside India with some band that we looked up to and discover new places. But that's just what we want, our main aim is to concentrate in the present by practicing with dedication, as without a present there would be no future.

 TNT: Any upcoming gigs & E.P?

Natura: Natura has 3 songs and we are working on our new song at the moment, we will also start recording on our debut single very soon. And on the 1st week of December, we will playing at Sa-i-mika Park, in cherrapunjee, sorry in a music festival called "Shine a light 3.0-voice of the silent hills" alongside many amazing artists.

Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah for TNT-The Northeast Today