Meet ‘Safe N Sound’ from Tura, the winners of Cloud 9 Musical Contest


Dedication and intense love towards music led these young musicians to form 'Safe N Sound'. The band hails from Tura, Shillong. They strongly infer that the rock/metal scenario of Northeast India has changed overtime and touching its peak.Recently they grabbed the winner's title for the best song of the year on a musical event at Cloud 9, Shillong. Since its inception in the year 2013, the band has never deserted to galvanize the listeners. Inspired by legendary musicians like Wolf mother, Audio Slave, Black Stone Cherry, guns n roses, Rage Against the machine, etc. this band certainly holds an arsenal for rock .

Safe N Sound members comprise of:
Cheringa on Vocals
Pangsrang on Guitars
Sandy on Bass
Benjamin on Drums
Here is Pangsrang with The Northeast Today

TNT- Hello guys, when and how did Safe N Sound happen? What was the story behind the creation of your band?

SNS- It all started in the summer of 2013, when I'm introduced to Sandy Momin (former Bassist), we had similar taste in Music and we started Jamming since then. Later Torak Benjamin joined the band as the drummer, He had played with us together in our local church during our School days. Unfortunately they left the band for their own personal Reasons in August 2016. Meanwhile, a good friend named Achura Marak joined the band as the Bassist and Tango Chekim Sangma on drums

Lastly Cheringra Marak on vocals, well known solo artist in our region and I'm introduced to her by her cousin sister and Together we are SAFE AND SOUND.

TNT-How would you describe your sound? And what's the reason behind choosing this genre?

SNS- We are big fans of Artic Monkey, strokes, Rage against the machine, Audioslave, jet, wolf mother and more. Initially, we didn't have a particular Genre, some people told us that we sound like blues, punk and a bit of Garage Rock type .We choose indie as a Genre because we love to go independent, no restrictions, no bars etc.

TNT-Besides the band, what do you guys do as an individual?

SNS-We are all students, no one is employed yet.

TNT- How important do you think is being 'commercial' for a band in today's rock/metal scene? Is commercialism is bad for a band? What's your take on that?

SNS- In our opinion, it is not bad being commercial for its survival but we don't mean that Money alone can make a band endure through time. It is only the quality of the band being capable of touching the Hearts of the Audience by giving the right music at the moment fulfilling the Expectations.

TNT- What's your take on northeast current rock music scene?

SNS- Northeast current rock/Metal scene is rapidly developing with Different Bands working on Different Genres and Experimenting Music to the new level.

TNT-So how profoundly do you guys follow your jam session?

SNS- We love to jam in a regular basis, to bring out new sounds and give our to the listeners earS.

TNT- Tell us about your upcoming gigs.

SNS-We are looking forward to be a part of NE Rocks Guwahati on 5th October and totally excited for Meghalaya icon 6 Finale on 8th October one of the biggest Competition in Meghalaya.

TNT-Thank you for being with us.

SNS- Pleasure is ours!

– Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah for TNT- The Northeast Today