Meet Gloria Ovung, a young up and coming designer from Nagaland


Gloria Ovung is a young up and coming designer from Nagaland who showcased her collection at the North East India Fashion Week which took place in Itanagar at Arunachal Pradesh in the first week of June.

TNT- Give us an introduction. Tell us something about yourself and your background.

GO- My name is Gloria Ovung and I am from Wokha, Nagaland. I come from a middle class family and it has been a long endless struggle to come this far.

TNT- When did you start designing and what has the experience been like so far?

GO- I have been designing since I was a child but I never really had a chance to enhance my passion until I got a chance to join a fashion institute here in Guwahati,  since then I have been pursuing my passion to establish myself as a professional designer.

TNT- Many people from the Northeast are fashion conscious and there are many up and coming designers from the region. Do you think being a designer has become a viable career option?

GO- Yes, it has become a good career option despite the tough competition and the fact that there are many upcoming local designers from Northeast. It has become very viable to choose it as a career.

TNT- The North East India Fashion Week is seen as a great platform to showcase the talent from the region. How do you think the event will help promote our designers?

GO- NEIFW is indeed a great platform for designer's to get exposed and showcase their creativity in the form of fashion. With platforms such as this, this will help the designers from the region gain recognition.

TNT- Tell us about your designs? What is the inspiration behind the line?

GO- I try to focus mainly on contemporary fashion with a touch of traditional fabrics basically blending it together into something edgy and feminine… My designs are inspired by my rich cultural ethic reflecting the very nature of it through my collection

TNT- Tell us about sourcing of materials. Do you use locally source materials and textiles?

GO- The materials I use are sourced from within the Northeast region… The diversity of tribal hand looms which are available locally largely contributes to the fabrics and textiles sourced.

TNT- What do you hope will be the next step for you?

GO- I'm at the initial stage of my designing career and I have no specific set steps. I am working really hard to come up with many more designs and I'm sure my dedication will help me take further steps and reach greater heights in this field.

TNT- Thank you Gloria for speaking to TNT- The Northeast today. We hope your show is a success and wish you the best.

(By Jessica Passah)