Exclusive interview with a cancer survivor: Marce Sangma


"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"- Recently a lady from the beautiful hill station of Shillong set an instance of this great quotation by 'John Heywood'. Yes, Marce Sangma, a cancer survivor has surmounted Bumla pass starting up from Guwahati (16,500 ft. above sea level) on her cycle covering almost more than 600 kms. Defying all the hurdles on her way with team Cycle4Life, she is setting up a message for all the people who are suffering from this tremor to never lose hope.

However due to  heavy snowfall, the route towards Bum La pass was unreachable and the team had to settle down at Y-junction @14,615 feet which is itself 15 kms behind Bum La. She is planning to form a cyclist group in Guwahati so that all cyclist can do cycling and plan new expedition very soon.

Here is Marce Sangma with The Northeast Today

TNT. Hello Mercy, Warm greetings to you. What made you to do this daring adventure? Our readers would love to know the lamp that motivated you for this amazing journey of your lifetime.
MS: As I love exploring different places, the idea of cycling came after meeting a friend, Vaibhav Desai from Mumbai in Nov '15. He was planning to do some solo cycling from Guwahati to Bumla Pass in Arunachal. So I asked him if I can join him, first he said no as it will be tough for me as I have never did any cycling before but eventually he said yes to my request. So he plan for this expedition and Jitin his other good friend join us. The expedition eventually happened during the month of April-May '16 and it turned out to be a good cause for cancer awareness as I am myself a cancer survivor. The expedition started on April 20th with press release and was flag off by Dr.Amal Chandra Kakati Director of B.Baruah Cancer Institute, Guwahati on 21st April.

TNT. It's obvious that in our patriarchy society a woman forges many ups and downs. Is there any obstacle that you had to face? If yes, how did you overcome all those barriers?
MS: Even though I am a woman and a mother of a 4 year-old girl, my husband and other members of my family supported me to do this expedition. I was very much relieved to take up the challenge and reach out to people and spread the message. On the other side I got many negative response from people around me when they knew that I am going to cycle from Guwahati to Arunachal, they started laughing and no one take it as positive sign rather they question me will you able to do it.

TNT. Tell us something about your cycling experience from Guwahati-Bum la Pass.
MS: My experience as a cyclist during this expedition was good as my friends Vaibhav and Jitin took took very good care of me. While on the road they were cautioning me to be in safe side. Most importantly I had a sleep good every night even after a very tiresome day. A good sleep gives us a boost of energy and positiveness toventure out the next morning. Sometimes we have to face harsh weather, steep height with never ending quenching thirst of water every now and then but at the end of the day we conquered all the odds

TNT. No doubt, you are one of the biggest inspirations for most of the people suffering from this tremor. What advice would you like to give them to face the struggle inside them?
MS: My message to the people who are suffering from cancer and to all who are under various problems is to stay positive because it will help you overcome all the difficulties…be a fighter then only you can survive and win your battles against all odds

TNT. What do you like to do in your free time?
MS: In my free time I do help people who come to me for various needs like assist the doctors for treatment, finding job for unemploy youths. I love reading books, listening to music, making friends and traveling different places

TNT. Is there any upcoming adventure in your mind that you would like to share with our readers?
MS: Right now I have not plan out any expedition yet but I will surely do it in the near future. Planning to form a cyclist group in Guwahati so that all cyclists can go on a cycling expedition twice a month.

TNT. Thank you for your valuable time with us. We wish you good luck for your future endeavors.
MS: Not the least but the last one I would like to thank all who have helped us in this expedition, the Indian Army, Sir Tsring Wange and Mam Anju Jamsepa, Lobsang, Thumpten Lobsang, BRO junior engineer Aman Dev Sharma, my husband Christopher Fernandes, Govind Boro and my gym instructor Mr.Angsuman Dutta and all of whom I have not mentioned their names. Thank You!

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