August Rush: The Art festival everyone in the Northeast must go to!


Nagaland, a hill State in Northeast India bordering Myanmar is known for its diverse indigenous tribes with different cultures and traditions. The state will yet again enthral its people with a one day art festival called August Rush on Independence Day (What better way to celebrate Independence Day, eh?). The event will be presented by Richa Productions. It solely aims at elevating and exhibiting Art in the state, which will include music, photography, painting, dance and literature.

Richa Productions was founded by Dr. Teputo Richa on Janaury'16 which aspires to promote craftsmanship. They deal in professional photography of events as well as in dealing with video coverage like music videos, short films and they also give assistance for an album recording.

The state of Nagaland is really doing so much to help endorse and unearth hidden talent amidst the long lasting political issues which they really deserve to be extolled for. This is all because people have the compassion and enthusiasm to see their own people reach great heights. Every individual, student, concerned departments and organisation in the State are finding ways, ideas and solution to make dreams come true, and it is safe to say that Nagaland is the "IT" factor in the Northeast when it comes to entertainment. They host one of the biggest festivals in the country known as Hornbill festival which attracts tourists from far and near, boosting the state's economy, exposing its people, culture and traditions.

From a layman's perspective, shunning away from the line of social and political issues, Nagaland is one hub for music and other art forms and from the looks of it, it won't take any more time for anyone interested in art to make a career in music, photography, painting etc. (Given the fact that Employment is the main adversary of the society).

The entertainers at this upcoming event is none other than Nagaland's very best, all-time greats such as Abiogenesis, Mengu Suokhrie, Toshimoa Jamir, Jano Nyekha etc among musicians; Dexterians, Stacks Ivories Crew, The Momentum Crew (Dance); Freelance photographer Ade Newme; Fashion artist – K Cynthia Kolakhe and Muzung Yimchunger, who mainly focuses on ethnic art; Mhayani Kikon, an artist by profession who deals with various art forms such as abstract, visual, contemporary and traditional and of course the Nagaland Anime Junkies who are known for their cosplay events. August Rush has roped in Imnasenla Aier and Obed Kath to host the event. So, there you have it, these are the entertainers, apologies if some names have not been mentioned.

The event will be held at The Heritage, Old Bungalow; Kohima. The event head is Setolü Kat Minx, event manager – Aribah Kips, event coordinator is Teputo Richa, Associate Director Roselyn Singsit and Scriptwriter Renilda Khatso.

As mentioned above, what better way to celebrate Independence Day than hosting an artistic event where people will come out in unity and embrace the talent that exists in the state, its youth and future generations. Kohima is where all art lovers need to be on August 15. The show will start at 11 am sharp and it's a free entry. Embrace, admire and glorify the beauty of art, especially if it's from your own backyard. The state has so many fortes that need to be explored and the artists are given the opportunity to showcase their craft. None of the other states in the region are doing so much to help promote dexterity, virtuosity and artistry or maybe they do but as much as Nagaland is doing.

Kudos to the people responsible for endorsing such events. There is no need to stop here and to the people reading this, get yourselves to Kohima. The old notion that everyone needs to stay home during this day has to be vanquished and eradicated for Independence Day is for the free, we are the free! May the show be a grand success.

Here's the promo video for the upcoming event:

Video Courtesy: Richa Productions| YouTube