Assam: Pyrotechnix 2017 all set to enthrall audience with their musical extravaganza!


Pyrotechnix has been one of the three main events of  Pyrokinesis since its inception. It has seen considerable participation since the beginning with a huge number of participating rock bands playing music that have both engrossed and awed people.

Following the noteworthy success of  the event over the last few years, The run up to the organization of  Pyrotechnix 2017 has started with great zeal, enthusiasm and optimism.

Pyrotechnix is a musical event based on rock music. It is a musical extravaganza where a platform is given to aspiring youth and the experienced old to showcase their musical talents in front of a huge crowd. The forthcoming edition of Pyrotechnix will be held from February 16th – 17th February, 2017.

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