Assam: Guwahati based photographer makes it to TIME’s top 100 photos of 2017


GUWAHATI, December 23, 2017: Guwahati based photographer, Anupam Nath's photograph has been selected for Time's top 100 photographs of 2017.

Anupam Nath presently works as a photographer at Associated Press

The brilliant photo was captured by Nath at Panbari village, near Chandrapur that shows villagers offering flowers to a wild tusk, lying dead in a field. The photograph was clicked on 2nd November 2017.

Speaking to the media, Anupam Nath said, "The photograph was very random for me. The moment when human beings offered flowers to a dead body was very thought provoking and emotional. I saw a giant body lying dead on the field, and human beings offering flowers at one part of the body of that dead animal. So, I thought of capturing that part of the animal only, rather than the whole animal".

Sharing his excitement about the achievement, Nath also said, "It's a big thing to get a small photograph published in TIME. I am very happy to see my capture getting a position among thousands of brilliant photographs."

(TNT-The Northeast Today news with inputs from G-Plus)

Featured image (courtesy): Time