An exclusive interview with Mind Struck


Mind Struck is a five piece funk rock band hailing from Sikkim. Musicians from different bands led to the fusion of these members to form this vibrating band. Influenced from the legendary artistes such as Ronny James Dio, Led Zeppelin, Steelpanther, Freak Kitchen, Mr. big etc. They surmise that one day their hard work will shower off in the music scenario.

Here is Mind Struck with TNT – The Northeast Today

TNT:  Hello guys, when and how did Mind Stuck happen? What was the story behind the creation of your band?
MS: We were good friends. We were working in different band for instance, our front-man was the former vocalist of Nightmare and one day we got an opportunity for some gospel show. So we got together and jam for a few days. We suddenly had the chance to play a band contest at Kolkata. And after getting a good response we made plans to go ahead with this current band. So, that's how Mind Struck started since Dec 2014.
TNT:  So you guys have been playing in so many competitions and gigs. Which is the best one so far?
IITGuwahati, Rock O Phonix.

TNT:  How do MS compose its song? Tell us about the different influences that come into your mind while writing your songs.
MS: We just jam together in one room and Sid comes with his lyrics and we start jamming and work with our composition.

TNT:  Besides the band, what do you guys do as an individual? 
 Our bass player is a supervisor in cement factory, Samuel (guitar) is a student. Sidarth (guitar) has his own business, Prashant (Drummer) is in a part time job and Shakil is a full time musician.

TNT:Any plans of releasing an E.P/Album or a Video?
Yes, soon this year.

TNT:  How important do you think is being commercial for a band in today's rock/metal scene? Is commercialism bad for a band? What's your take on that?
No! Nothing is perfect but we can try to make it good.

TNT: Do you guys have any specific ideologies as a band? If yes, how do you manage to make it a part of the music?
MS:  We want to show the hope for our upcoming band .So that they don't quit music.

TNT: What's your take on the Northeast rock scene at the moment?
MS: Happy that our struggles are not wasted.

TNT:  We wish you good luck for your upcoming projects. 
MS: Thanks. We will try our best to blow people's mind and hope that our music will get stuck in people's mind.

(TNT News)