An exclusive interview with a Folk rock band ESP


Today we have a six piece folk rock band 'ESP' from Jorhat that took birth in 2010. Overlong, the band have been arduous to work on various types of folk music of Northeast India parallel to the other genres of the west.

With the aim to emphasize the undiscovered to light and present it in a new form since the band's formation, they have spent years acquiring the knowledge for folk rock and by this time the experiments with several other compositions were completed triumphantly. By the year 2013, the band came out with full might and started performing live. The expected support from the listeners and well-wishers inspired the band and they started recording their assets that they had created so far and had even completed the production work of their first music video.

TNT. Hello ESP, a heartful greetings to you. When and how did ESP happen?

ESP: Hi! Thank you and accept our gratitude and warm wishes for the New Year ahead. We are a six member band, formed in 2010. It all started when we club together for a music competition and looking to the tremendous response from people during that competition, all of us had decided to continue our musical journey as a band called ESP, although the line-up has changed slightly over the years.

TNT. What does the band's name 'ESP' stands for?

ESP: ESP stands for "Eastern Soul Players".

TNT. How about introducing the band and the members to our readers?

ESP: ESP is a six member band with seasoned musicians in their late twenties and early thirties. The band members have played across different venues in the country for over a decade now. The line-up includes Rintu (Vocals), Ankur (Lead Guitar), Henjoy (Bass Guitar), Munmun (Latin Percussion), Akhil(Drums) and Samiran(Folk Percussion). The band is managed by Ranjan Duarah.

TNT.How would you describe your sound? And what's the reason behind choosing this genre?

ESP:  We are a folk rock band. We have tried experimenting with this genre in every way by blending different kinds of folk music. What attracted us to this genre was its colour and versatility. It's a genre of great height and depth. Moreover folk music has a very prominent place in our culture and tradition and that is another reason for our inclination towards this genre.

TNT. How does ESP compose its song? Tell us about the different influences that come into your mind while writing your songs.

ESP:  Eastern Soul Player as a band is always trying to bring a new taste to the music. We use to move in and out searching for new and colourful music elements. We use to grab materials and tried to present them lyrically and showcasing them through our music.  And what attracted us most are our culture, tradition & mythology. Most of our composition or works are somehow based on mythology. We tried to present the charm of mythological characters through our music, which is well highlighted in few of our compositions like Jotadhari, Kujibai, Axutuxo and many more.

While composing our songs or music we always concentrate on keeping the raw essence of the genre so that it doesn't lost its colour and aura.

TNT. Have you decided to release your E.P/Album or Video?Give us a glimpse of your upcoming projects for which your friends are eagerly waiting for.

ESP: Yes, we are already working on it. Our full length album is almost ready for release. We are also working on post production of few videos of our tracks. Hopefully it will be out soon.

TNT. What's your take on the North-East rock scene at the moment?

ESP: Well it is good and it's moving better. In recent times we had been to many music festivals and concerts like Metropolis, Shine A Light, NERM etc and what we feel is that the music scenario is getting better over time and people are with good vibes and are up to good music. That's pretty cool.

TNT. So how profoundly do you guys follow your jam session?

ESP:  Our Jamming includes both individual practice and band as a whole. We don't have any hard and fast schedule for jamming.

TNT. Do you guys have any specific ideologies as a band? If yes, how do you manage to make it a part of the music?

ESP: As a band we believe in simplicity, honesty and purity. We always try to put forward our music in simple form and keeping originality intact.

Thanks for being with us.


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